14 years antiquated and I'm other depressed... What should I do?? Help me Please.. I'm broken...?

okay this may sound really stupid but this is how I get the impression..
I have a boyfriend who loves me resembling hell and I love him just as much... My best friend rocks! she set me up next to my boyfriend and I love her for that... But the thing is she is too mean.. always make fun of everything. cant even share my feelings beside her anymore.. So anyway, my boyfriend's best friend is like my second best friend and we share ALOT... I'm studying contained by one of the leading and the coolest school in my country and I play awesome guitar surrounded by a band (really dont wanna brag but it's true! lol).. I hold a mom and a dad and a brother who is 5 years older than he and other beats me up (never lug that personally though...You see, I hold a perfect time any girl would die for.. but why do I always surface depressed??.. For instance, I think my boyfriend deserves course better than me and my best friend is too sarcastic.. I other feel down and I mask it from everyone.. do u think Im doing the right piece by hiding?

No, hiding it will only brand it build up inside you and one day you will explode. Trust me, I didn't expect it would happen to me but it did! Try seeing your institution counselor or talk to your parents roughly seeing a counselor. It might seem abnormal but a LOT of kids go to dream therapy. It's nice when you find a therapist that you are comfortable next to because you can tell them practically anything and a short time ago vent. Good luck!
Why do you feel deficient? It doesn't cost you anything to talk next to a school counselor. You stipulation someone to talk to, and unload those denial vibes. You are writing them here so that is a start, of late don't keep it bottled up.
u shud definitly not mask it.

u shud try tellin ur best frend how u feel going on for her, and dat bcus of her always bein unkind u cant tell her al ur atmosphere n stuff. it doesnt sound resembling she is a real best frien if she is other making fun of everything.u shud try talkin to ur boyfriend, tellin him dat u feel he deserves betta...hopefully d stuff he tell u will get u feelin moral about ur self again.
I agree near the answers above. Talk to a school counsellor. Sometimes, it might give the impression of being as if you have it adjectives but there could be something still bugging you.
Good luck!
See depression treatments, at http://www.ezy-build.lattice.nz/~shaneris... on page 2: practise daily, and when needed, one of the relaxation technique, and work on boosting your self esteem.
Talk to your school counselor...And if you own a perfect go than why are you depressed? I don't think that's something to be depressed more or less...unless there's something in your time that's making you depressed. Don't take your best friend too seriously, but notify her how you feel if she doesn't stop. And do not covering that will only create it worse. Share your feelings! Well thats nearly all I can articulate I hope that helped. :)
gossip to your mama,she will help,aint mothers made to serve??

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