Any body hold Bipolar disorder, if so how do you live next to it?

I don't like admit it to everyday real time people, but thats the biddable thing in the order of internet anonymitty ... anyways I diagnosed myself with it, I never go to a doctor for it, I don't like the thought of taking neuro-meds ... anyways sometimes I grasp so depressed I just go and get sad, sometimes I even consider about disappearance, like if I died everything would in recent times be finally over. Then I get serious hypomania where on earth I'm just so hyper and enjoy to move my hands or something surrounded by real hurried and short burst movements... and then there's the days where on earth it's just plain intensity, not one thing go by without somehow pissing me past its sell-by date. I feel so impossible for my grandparents who have to business deal with this but I can't minister to it, I try to fake it which is possible because I own a lot of privacy, I a moment ago go to my room near my current mood thoughts. Anyways, anybody else like this, please narrate me how you tolerate it.

It sounds like it may be bipolar disorder. I reflect on its very central that you go to a psychiatrist to be diagnosed. I never like taking medications, any. But its much better than the state I am in in need them!

Good luck and take aid of you!
oh yeah.i have shocking mood shifting...i feel unpromising for my parents:P i tend not to take myself seriously though and if i've lately gone through a mood, as soon as i get my mind posterior again i try to get out of it and forget what i purely went on more or less.the worst thing you can do is see about these things if you can sustain it. good luck!
Here within Wales we have lasting organisations that provide Bipolar suffers with support workers. They also enjoy workshops where lots of suffers capture together and talk, do endeavours, arrange outings etc.They are a great help to lots of citizens, and purely voluntary to the suffers. These organisations are there to relief suffers live with their symptoms. Search you nouns, or ask at your local health basis etc if there is one effective you.
everything u get said similar to the sad the crazy jubilant iz wat happens 2 me adjectives the time oh i get the cruelty followed by sad adjectives the time.
& right now i own been up for 8 days ith 14 hours of sleep & i grain like i could bounce of the walls
IF U THINK I MIGHT B BIPOLAR COULD U EMAIL ME PLEZZ so i could benevolent of no wats going on(email thing on profile
You nouns young but regardless please aim some help beside the anger, rage, etc. It is fine to process this stuff. Cause specifically the way we make well our insides. But at this point I don't think you realize what I am proverb. This could be serious and professional help could be contained by order. No Doctor can generate you take medication if you don't want to. So your fear is not founded surrounded by truth. Maybe if you were severely mentally not at your best this could happen but you nouns like you have need of some counseling help at this point. Please hope some help. Please steal care of your self. You are worth the hard work.
I'm bipolar and the only article that keeps me functional is my medication. Without it I become headlong and self-destructive to an extreme. I lash out at people I love and throw tantrums going on for completely irrelevant things. My logical mind gets taken over by something that make really bad concept sound really correct at the time, like playing on stirring railroad tracks. This may not be what you want to hear, but you should look into state medical assistance or finding a full time job next to good benefits. The solely successful treatment for bipolar disorder is medication, often surrounded by addition to treatment. It can easily become too much for one personality to handle, no concern how careful you are.

I don't know what your concern is give or take a few medication, but it does far more good than injure. It can be truly aggravating to find the right combination of medication, but once you do you'll feel better than you own in ages and it's positively worth it.
Your life is going to be awful if you don't return with treated for it. You will not have correct relationships and will be a poor parent if you have children at adjectives. You may not be able to preserve your kids, either, if your symptoms are unpromising enuf.

Most people beside bipolar do not take the antipsychotic (neuroleptic) meds. Usually you start beside drugs like lithium, or anticonvulsants (epilepsy drugs that work for bipolar) such as lamictal or depakote. The side effects of these drugs are smaller number than the neuroleptics.

For bipolar depression, lamictal is really a first choice. For me, I have trouble next to side effects, I take a honourably low dose of both lamictal and lithium.

If you would be willing to bring pills for a bad heart, elevated cholesterol, or allergies, then why not pills for a serious mental condition? Many bipolar researches believe bipolar is a progressive infection that will get worse over time except treated. I know for myself, I used to be a graduate student of physics at a major american university and immediately I'm totally disabled. Maybe with faster diagnosis and treatment I'd still have some open-handed of job?
Hope you catch some help next to this, I will give you my bipolar coping skills. None of those will lend a hand enuf, tho. You need pills, i.e. all that will be paid you stable. When you get the right pills, you will be SO MUCH BETTER.

#1 You call for to take the meds as prescribed. You can't miss. A lot of society forget from time to time, and the pills can't work if you forget to take them. There are pill boxes near little alarms on them. If your symptoms are getting bad, you stipulation to call up your psychiatrist for a med adjustment. You may never go and get complete relief, but you will obligation to try things maybe for a few YEARS to be sure you can't tweak things to a really suitable place for you.
#2 You probably will need the support of a counselor adjectives your life. You hold to learn to cope beside stress better than most people, because stress make the bipolar symptoms a lot worse. You will also own to make big pains to keep a perfect social support network. To avoid burning through population, make sure you apologize sincerely and recurrently if you go past its sell-by date on them or ignore them due to symptoms. You may want to marry a support group with other population with mood disorders, they will make available you a break and take it smaller amount personally when you relapse. Get some books on reducing stress. Over time, work your life span into a low-stress direction.
#3 You need to hold a routine. Get up and go to bed at one and the same time each afternoon. Sleeping in make depression worse, staying up all darkness makes thing worse. Never take a swing shift type mission.

If your depression seems to be more of a problem surrounded by the winter, try to get more sun. You could hold seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, or your depression could have a seasonal component, plan you can get depressed other times of the year, but you tend to enjoy more trouble in the winter. A lantern box is really good if you can afford one (about $300 online, don't catch it at a local store, they will charge more for a light smaller amount than 1/2 as bright). Since I will always hold a mood disorder, I have put surrounded by extra windows, preserve the drapes mounted so they don't cover them, make sure I spend seriously of time in southern exposure rooms, painted the walls peach and pale, mostly. I even have a skylight, although that be here when I moved in (and I LOVE it, it help a lot!)

If anxiety is a component of your depression, try turning the fry up in the house or dressing much more affably. It is hard to touch anxiety when you are too warm. I be able to cut out ativan use altogether by using this trick. Saved me big $$ too, because pills cost path more than heat. Hot baths work too, and surrounded by a pinch, like at work/school, you can try running hot sea over your hands. Also, if anxiety is a primary problem, avoid caffeine similar to the plague. I personally use greatly of caffeine, because the depression is much more of a problem than the anxiety. Can't win for losing! Also, some cold remedies can cause anxiety and fixation, and lack of control. Look for the "agitation contained by children" warning on the box. Adult bipolar folks can grasp problems too. Other drugs can trigger mania, too, resembling steroids (given at surgery I think).

Try meditation tapes resembling progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery. They may come across silly at first, but they work!! They help slim down stress, which makes depression worse.
Go out near friends, and if you don't have any, find a club to interweave and MAKE yourself go until you in actual fact look forward to it. Isolation makes depression worse. I step to a social club for people near severe mental illness, because I'm ashamed of my disability and don't want to treaty with the “what do you do for a living” cross-examine.

Exercise at least 1/2 hour a year, and anytime you feel really hyper or depressed. Exercise is a great mood stabilizer and cuts down on anxiety plentifully.

If your mania make it hard for you to sleep, here are some dutiful "sleep hygeine" tips so you can sleep better. Like go to bed and draw from up about like peas in a pod time each light of day, even weekends. Don't use your bedroom to watch TV and read and use the computer and adjectives that-just use the room as a bedroom normally would be used. Don't do stuff that pumps you up right since bed, like exercising and using the computer. (sooooooooooo not easy!) You want to use that last hour to twine down-Take a bath? Make the bedroom really menacing, cover up the clock radio, even so the light doesn't shine at you. If you live surrounded by the rackety city, use a noise generator (makes tide sounds and the like) to cover up the city sounds. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.

Put deeply of colorful things around the house, happy type things, and hang on to the blinds open and consent to the sun in. Get yourself some flowers. Put on some nice clothes. Make a inventory of things that make you sunny. Here's some things on my list: A picnic basket full of fluffy kittens, bread fresh from the oven, Fireworks popping on a warm summer evening, The first fireflies of the season, the scent of Jergen's cherry almond lotion, The crisp nouns of a saltine cracker breaking, fresh sheets on the bed, flicking a topwater lure out onto the morning-still lake hose down, etc. Use all your senses and read that catalogue when you are breaking down.
Work on time supervision if being overwhelmed and slow for things and too much to do is getting to you. Cut back on other responsibilities temporarily so you can spend more restorative time near friends and family. Ask for support when you are really having symptoms. You enjoy to learn to be humble here, if you requirement help, you necessitate help.

You get a significant other? Extra physical touch is very supportive. Most people within the US or UK are touch deprived, so hold hands more, hug more, endow with shoulder rubs, etc. A pet is good to cuddle next to, too, if your home situation allows you to get one. (I'm an animal lover, don't get hold of one if you can't commit to it for 15 years)

If your bipolar is severe (poorly controlled by meds) then consider asking for abet from social services. My county offers classes and in that is also a consumer run drop in center, which is a fun club for ancestors with mental illnesses run by associates with mental illnesses. We play cards and pictionary and do crafts and steal trips places, etc. The drop in center have helped me more than anything else, except the pills. Social support-so major!! I'm sure European countries are much better about this than our cheapskate scarcity of social services so rich we can't even give the poorest past its sell-by date people any assistance United States.

Go to and read adjectives of Dr. Phelp's (Ask the Doctor) stuff, including the links to his site. You can learn like mad from him, he's a bipolar specialist.
See bipolar disorder, at on page 5, and depression and anger headship, on pages 2, and 4. Contact your county/local mental vigour agency about treatment: the mood stabiliser, Lithium, is not expensive, but you stipulation expert diagnosis.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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