Am I socially anxious?

For a while, i've always be very self concious contained by public and shy, and if a teacher critisized me, i would be aware of really uncomfortable and unpromising. I've also avoided eye contact and confrontations. Recently, my self conciousness in public have increased substantially, to where i dread ingestion in resturaunts and despise social outings and parties. i other feel similar to people are watching and critisizing me, especially when i put away out, because my parents are always recitation me i eat too in a hurry, and i am also a little overweight. my dad also have to point it out constantly how i need to loose weightiness. i hate conversation to strangers, or even just general public at school who aren't my friends. i try to put by or explain anything that might be embarassing in my duration. I also always hold to completely clarify what it is i am supposed to do, so i won't screw up and emberass myself. i loathe this, i just want to stay within my room all hours of daylight and do things on my computer and read. please help!

yes, I ruminate you have social anxiety. My daughter experienced indistinguishable symptoms. Weight is her issue, too.

You need a well-mannered psychologist. You can get one thru your conservatory, or medical insurance. Your psychologist will help you next to all your issues.

I want you to know that what you discern really ISN'T in your manager. (Just made up, I mean).Your fears are real, but you want to be able to hang on to them from hurting you.

Believe in yourself. Step outside your comfort zone. Don't tolerate anyone tell you what you are. YOU let somebody know yourself what and who you are. Find yourself. Make sure it is you who makes that edict.

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You can contact me on yahoo anytime you'd like.

Good luck. You can sort it.

See social anxiety at on page 9. Chew respectively bite 20 times, and put down your fork after taking a mouthful. Go to h t t p : / / c h o o s e d i e t . b l o g s p o t . c o m and select one, snacking on any amount of celery sticks, with the occasional carrot stick, or slices of cucumber contained by any vinegar. Eat 6 - 8 small meals each day, with some protein surrounded by each, preceded 20 mins closer with a roomy glass of hose down, and slowly work your way up to 30 mins of brisk walking, day by day.
Your describing a classic case of anxiety here. You necessitate to learn as much as you can something like it and how to manage this. It strikes relations down for no reason sometimes and wishes to be dealt next to. My profile under anxiety have more information that will help.
Wow, I didn't know that other race had like exact dilemma as I did.
I was resembling that for a while. Hated outings, even if they were merely family trips to restaurants, and a short time ago being at home adjectives day. Turns out I be too self-conscious- always thiknign that other race were looking at me and conversation about me or laughing at me. I also saw myself as monstrous, and that's why I thought that people mostly were looking at me.
However, you own to know that people are in recent times like you. They are course too busy thinkign about themselves to be thinking going on for you. They may cast you a peep as you walk within the room, and then move about back jto their dinners, or possibly some occasional jerks will receive think you're strange lately because you don't dress like them, or I don`t know some people be just checking you out because they thought you be hot! ;)
The first thing you hold to do to cure your anxiety is to SMILE as you walk contained by a room (not manically, but sweetly) and know that the strangers around you are also thinking about themselves. When someone consultation to you, smile sweetly as well. This will most probable put a smile on their face, and the conversation will flow much smoother.
Also infer that people who really resembling you for who you are will not care in the order of how many degrading traits you have, because EVERY single human being has their own pet peeve. Just be yourself. Learn to laugh at your own mistakes, and adopt them. Most importantly, learn to adopt youself for who you are. You don't have to be reliable, just smile and be youself!
try st johns wort. it worked for me conceivably for you. its cheap and over the counter.
That sounds like paranoia/ social anxiety. I have very similar symptoms when I be about 9 [Now 15]. I other thought that everyone was fascinated to me and watching my every move, until I screwed up. I'd worry so much, I wouldn't enjoy fun in vivacity. You should not worry almost what other people estimate of you, because "Those who mind don't matter and those who event don't mind." It is a good notion to go to a psychiatrist of some sort, even if it's a moment ago short-term. Trust me, they help a ton. You might not be too down beside this idea, but contained by the end, you will look wager on and realize it made your life a together lot more fun. I went through like peas in a pod thing. And I love how I turned out. I know it might be really easier said than done to admit, but build up some courage, and ask your parents something like seeing someone. I wanna see how you're doing in 4 months. My email is If you diligence to talk, after come talk. If not, no biggie. :]
I really quality for you. I don't see how you can help thought the way you do near parents who are so critical. That is where your scarcity of self-esteem comes from. You need to chitchat to a guidance counselor or some other therapist right very soon and start learning that you are NOT the creature you think you are. I can simply tell that you own life and thrill and happiness to share next to the world. Too bad it's be crushed by those closest to you. I grew up with a somewhat similar atmosphere and it took various years before I finally feel complete, competent, attractive, etc. The amazing thing is that it is a self-fulfilling type of situation: once I thought I be more personable, more outgoing, I was more attractive to others and more popular! Please win some help from someone besides your parents! You are worth it!
you nouns exactly like me. I started experiencing social anxiety when I be in similar to the 6th grade. I despised to give book reports because of anyone afraid of everyone watching me. I had some pretty rough teacher in junior illustrious so that didn't' help me out. I would tolerate kids bully me because I was upset just to be put contained by that position & I knew at hand would be alot of people around to keep watch on and I just couldn't do it socially.
I really insufferable to go out to chomp through because like you I be afraid ppl would watch me munch through. I'm not mocking what you are saying because this is what anyone socially anxious is like. And immediately it is even harder on me because I have to use oxygen and it have put me back within the position of not wanting to go out and the buffet lines, dread them. it can be treated but I am not sure if it can be cured.
you are sure not the only one awareness like this..this is impossible to tell apart way i quality and dont know how to solve it. i've read that its good to pocket medication and talk to our doctor. but i dont know. i choice i did.

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