ADHD/ADD treatment option?

What kinds of ADHD/ADD treatment option are there besides medication?

You could try homeopathic treatments. Go to a larger Health food/drug store. Not GNC...
i am on a medication it isnt as impossible as you think i am on a low dose but it go llong way
yeah, counseling can aid. also just try adjectives out excess caffeine, get plenty of sleep, and grasp organized. im somewhat ADHD and if im really unorganized my mind and me will just bounce all over the place trying to get hold of my **** together, and it never works
For the health of the child, I would tender the meds a chance. This can adaptation a person's life for the better, and provide them a chance to be social and swot up. I know adults who have cried they be so happy it worked and they wish they received treatment years ago. All of the meds have websites beside in depth info in the order of side effects and monitoring. We don't look for options when the kid wants chemo or insulin and this will definitely affect their adjectives if it is not treated. Best of luck to you and yours!
there are forums on the Internet that are used as a great support framework. Also joining a support group in your local town is a abet too.

Organisational skills are important to swot up also.

Try to learn as much as possible almost the condition as a lot of doctors aren't up-to-date within their thinking and diagnosing.

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