Answer someone (for a contact)?

Answer someone (for a contact)?
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1 I dont hold any friends?
im 17 years old and i dont own any friends at all within fact i hold a lot of enemy. nearly everyone in my arts school hates me and im not anyone over dramatic cause they speak about me they do, one day i go to sit at a table and a girl was near she didnt say anything to me next another girl came to sit down after this kid asked if he could sit with us and she said yea ur at the cool table minus one and looked at me. im nice to relations and approach them in a kindly way but in that turned off by me and literally disgust my guts i have approaching 100 people who enjoy blocked me on aol nearly 65 people who wanna massacre me lol, and when i do get friends it seem they are fake. similar to i go tro the gym every week and i made friends near this kid who seemed similar to me he was honest lookin and had no friends any but he was a cool kid and nought seemed wrong near him besids bein into fighting and star trek a touch too much but anyway he turned his bk on me and the few kids ive talked to contained by school concluded up makin fun of m

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2 hours ago
me like 3 weeks after i started bein friends near them idk what it is ive also bnever had a gf im prolly a moment ago ugly and family nenjoy bein assholes cause i approach girls and pull somebody`s leg em and flirt and everything and once they know i like em its over for me =( im so lonely and depressed

1 hour ago
im 6'2 going on for 163 pounds im tone and strong, i have long ear its resembling down past my ear but not long close to a girls to myshoulder or anything lol and im athletic but noone talks to me idk what it is

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Answer: cannot change the world...but you can start by making change within yourself..if you dont create some changes..consequently..they certainly are not going to alteration and how can you change them up to work on your self esteem and and person..and the way you feel...if you think that everyone will disgust you ..then thats what you return with..and plenty of it by the sounds of it...what you think is what you start to think surrounded by a different way..later your energy will attract and not dispel
hello.where on earth are you from?
email me from my profile i will talk 2 u =)
I believe you will find plenty of friends here at ByeDr.coms. Just ask some question about subjects that interest you most. Answers will come efficiently. Also, at school, ask society questions where on earth they talk give or take a few themselves - and be sure to pay attention to their answer. A accurate listener can ask a few questions roughly a person - listen for the rest of the conversation - and be told what a great time the "talker" have! And don't take yourself to seriously - I'm sure you're a great soul! Find someone and help them - you will have a feeling great.

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