Addicted to Pain?...?

Hey evryone, I'm just wondering is it unexpected to become so used to being angry and/or down in the dumps that feeling those emotion actually trade name you happy, while positive emotion make you angry? It seem like I'm so used to the glum emotions, that I've confused the refusal emotions beside being relieved. I actually humane of distrust being too relaxed, because deep down I don't presume I SHOULD be happy, because of such a DEPRIVED energy. I don't think I should be content near such a lonely existence. Is there any suggestions on what I should do if this is a problem?

Yeah, I do hold a suggestion based on experience. See a psychiatrist and a psychologist both. A psychiatrist can administer you medication which can help to influence your thinking. And a psychologist can aid you with your symptoms by showing you how to transmute the way you have a feeling by changing the road you think. I enjoy to compliment you, though. You realize that you have a problem and you're likely to do something about it.

If I may be so bold, your problem lies surrounded by your mindset as does the solution. You yourself said that you don't think you should be ecstatic because you have such a deprived life span. By thinking that way, you're your own worst antagonist. So start making a gratitude list that can start out really rough. Are you a coffee drinker? If so, do you have coffee to drink? If you do, start out the gratitude schedule by saying, "I am grateful that I enjoy plenty of coffee to drink." You start out your list surrounded by that way and start from the nonspecific to the specific. What you'll find is that two thoughts cannot occupy the same space at alike time. And in that road, you can learn to be your best friend a bit than your own worst enemy.
I assume this best describes you as a Machonist, one who is arroused by pain (opposite of a Sadist). I'm not sure if it is a problem, but stomach-ache is necessary because it tell you something is wrong. As long as it doesn't affect those around around you, then I guess you're fine
You Deserve Less Stress!
There's so much to do currently and so little time.
And it seems there's other something or someone to worry something like.
But, all that rushing around isn't well brought-up for you, and worrying never changes a item!
Plain and simple, you need a break!
So, claim at lowest 5 minutes a day for you!
No guilt allowed!
It'll renew you!
And you're worth it!!
Try picking up a sport such as running or kick-boxing. Also you might want to find some friends (positive friends). Sports are really righteous for meeting folks. If you play World of Warcraft, Diablo2, Star Craft or any other online game; that could be the justification. There is a time and a place for games, just not adjectives day every daytime.

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