Do family create their own mental problems?

Like O.C.D.As a kid I had a big imagination, so I other believed that slides took you to another world when you went down, and you have to climb back up to return.Eventually it turned obsesive and I would count how normally I went down the slide and would other HAVE to climb back up(even after school). Then I realize it was stupid and stopped. Then surrounded by my teens I would get depressed and once scratched my arms and thighs until they bled one darkness. I felt so unsatisfactory for doing such a stupid thing and wallowing within my despair that I stopped, even when life is tricky I never let it overwehm me anymore. I be also very shy and fearful, later decided that is to say not the person I needed to be and stopped. So do people create their own mental problems? I take to mean that some are based on chemical inbalances, but can't some purely be because of lack of the will to evolution. Of taking the easy passageway out and declaring yourself mentally unfit, need meds, and blaming everything in your existence on your "disease"?

Holy good ****, didn't quality like reading a new-fangled at this time...sorry
You bring up a good point and a well-mannered question deserves a worthy answer. I have recovered from PTSD and depression beside other complications secondary to traumatic brain injury. I hold been released from treatment by my psychologist and one and only see the psychiatrist every four months now, so I would read aloud that I qualify to answer your question.

The issue is one of recovering from mental vigour issues and not necessarily looking at the cause. With mental ailment, there is a bring and an effect. By that, I mean that I don't believe that mental condition is a moral issue, but a medical issue. To be sure, the medication(s) I take on a regular argument are my first line of defense against my symptoms of mental malady (depression, anxiety, etc.). But the medication is not a cure. The cure comes in shifting the way I have a feeling by changing the road I think.

See, mental malady is a two-fold problem and needs a two-fold solution. Yes, here is a biological component to mental illness and that subdivision has to be treated appropriately with medication. But mental sickness often brings in the region of a victim mentality that must be changed if repossession is possible. So do people create their own mental strength problems? No. But they probably can and do aggravate it.
Human brain is a very complex organ, the entry about it I don't close to but we all own to live with is that it have its own ways despite the fact that it is literally you. It basically works secretly on some things that you do not see until they create a whole mess. The request for information we should as is: Does our brain control us or do we control our brain? Pretty tough huh? I know people near a very fitting control over their thoughts and people who own very poor control, possibly genetics play a big role here, conceivably life experienes? OK, but what is sure is that clearly you CAN excersice some control or direct your thoughts and actions surrounded by a direction that is positive for you. You should scuffle man, try new ways of doing things, discovering the joy of life, the celebrated landscapes you can find, the individuality of different people, aroma new foods, find something that you approaching, be persistent....and do not agree to your brain work secretly too much
yes and no. culture that have horrible things surface to them and have mental problems is wild. but the people that live great lives and are gloomy all the time do tend to hold more health and mental problems. its be proven. whereas the obsessive point, its OCD, but its not brought upon by ones self. Everyone goes through stages within life. Some more extreme than others. As a kid i other had to enjoy water on my hand, so I'd wash my hand countless times, to the point where my parents have to monitor my water usage. I also used to enjoy to constantly check to make sure my alarm be right, and still do some to this day. So, its a yes and no answer.

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