Am I turning to be resembling her?

My friend who lived downstairs from us two years ago, she used to listen to music all light of day and talked to herself closely.

Her favorite class became gym because she considered necessary to be in fit. When she be about 18 years hoary, she started hearing voice and she screamed and said that her house is hunted. Everybody thought she be crazy. Now, she moved.

I always converse to myself and listen to music all sunshine for 7 years now. Right very soon, I'm 18, these days, I discern that someone is following me in my own house. I attain so scared. I own anxiety. Just like my friend who go crazy, these days, I in actual fact like exercising but I don't do exercise but discussion to myself.

Did I turn out to be like her OR I'm surrounded by making of turning to be like her?

I don`t know you're thinking you are like her, but , you know you could convince you're mind you're something you're not
powerfully i dont know about that but you might own some anxiety problems or depression go to your local mental vigour and get some assist god know i have alot of problems contained by the mental health situation .
Well, typically its adjectives for people to turn out approaching the people they associate near. The part that doesn't give the impression of being common is voice and screams. I would strongly suggest you consider visit a professional such a psychiatrist, not a therapist. Psychiatrist can contribute you drugs, therapist cannot if I remember correct.

Might I also consider a dog to assist with the anxiety and to save you company. It might give you someone, excluding yourself, to talk to. Nothing wrong near talking to yourself every once surrounded by a while but paired with your circumstances it might not be appropriate.

To answer your original examine it is going to be a little of both. You are turning approaching here and possibly self-consciously doing things to become like her. Again, I strongly urge you to see a psychiatrist. If funds are for a moment short I'm sure your parents or close friends wouldn't mind helping out if you explained the situation. There is even some organizations which you might could look into for further back.

I hope I was of some benefit to you. Take carefulness, I will pray for you. E-mail if you have any question: trn1f89

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