Any proposal on boyfriends pot addiction?

I live with a guy who smokes pot each day and I have get in debt bailling him out. He seem to have get selfish next to his needs surrounded by general. I love him but perceive trapped . Is there give a hand out there if I desire to leave? Has anyone else be addicted to pot with proposal on how I can get through to him? Its massive next to all his friend so socially firm to ignore too. I find it really thorny to not help him fund it but I am losing out on money and dont grain much love or attention from him. I am getting resentful and feel my time is on hold. Any thoughts?

my brother was addicted to pot and i know how awful it is to sit vertebrae and watch someone crease there energy because of it. i know you've probably sat near and spoken to him about it and he breaks out contained by anger and becomes rude and tells you he is fine. He openly isnt and the only mode you can help him is to tolerate him hit rock bottom. as hurtful as it is, you need to start out him so he wakes up to himself and realises his addiction. step and stay with family/friends who support you and will protect you from him. Maybe even stir to counselling so you can speak to someone about it and vent out adjectives your feelings.

dutiful luck sweetheart.
Leave him. He obviously doesn't diligence to help himself. Leave him and run in haste. The pot is more important to him than you are. Can you honestly see yourself committed to this man trying to incline a family? And I don't anticipate "if" or "when" he gives up the pot because that will probably not evolve.
You're lucky he's only addicted to pot... he could be a drunk. If I be you I would voice my concern about how you perceive it's affecting your relationship. Also, tell him that if he chooses to do it, you would prefer he not do it surrounded by the same room as you and that you don't get the impression comfortable paying for it. I think the cut where you voice you don't feel love or affection from him is not cause by marijuana. My husband and I are regular smokers and we have a immensely understanding and affectionate relationship. Just because someone smokes pot doesn't construct them any less of a party then someone that chooses not to smoke.
Being friendly with an user is always dicy. Addiction take precedence over any other consideration is a relationship.

Unless he wants to hand over up drugs, it is best to leave him. I know this is concrete when you love him. Underneath an addict is usually a nice guy, but if he cannot control himself, he will ruin your time as well.

If he requests to give up the addiction it may pay envelope to understand the underlying biochemistry of addiction by reading the following article.
Pot is not physically addicting.He could quit if he considered necessary to. You should leave him though. Until he is geared up to grow up and change he isn't going to stop. You can't force someone to do something they aren't set to it. Just tell him you want a break until he stops the smoking or get it under control.Stop spending your money on his pot mannerism. Pot is mentally addicting but not physically.
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