Advice 4 a guy more or less my girl?

im with a girl and whom i am occupied to. i am mentally ill i suffer from extreme paranoia and psycosis which is a result from chronological heavy drug use i cant step out to public palces without my fiance she want to progress to a concert without me and i will break up near her if she goes is this carnival. also i dont trust her and i accuse her of things but she never leaves my side at adjectives because i have be cheated on many times back i really need her to be within my life coz when i first met her i wouldnt even budge out the front door what should i do

While I can understand your point of landscape, she is still a seperate person!

She is obviosuly amazing and supportive to stay next to you through all of your ups and downs, but she wishes the same sort of commitment and trust.
sounds to me close to you're lucky she still puts up w/ your crap. Relationships are 50/50 buddy. You gotta give to receive!
Maybe you should try and explain to her your thoughts, she desires to understand you. Your relationship wants to have trust, you own to trust her, she has to trust you. Talk beside her. It's not always a bleak thing for you to do separate things, if she requests to go to a concert tolerate her go. If she hasn't vanished you yet after you bring to court her of things, she probably won't. If you need her and she give you so much, you need to furnish back to her. Just communicate first off...
wow this is really serious you probably own your fiance' in some type of depression her self i know i would be you be this way when she met and fell surrounded by love with you so i guess theres something keeping her at hand. what you explained is not fair at adjectives. she needs a duration especially a break from you every once and while even though she loves you and if you can trust her then why would you ask her to marry her. you call for to get serious support for your self. definitly work with your doctor and shrink to tweak your fastidiousness plan and get your self underneath control i would also suggest couples counseling to work on the both of you to teach you how to grant and her how to take support of your needs and cope.:)
Sims to me she have always be there for you, so rather slack on her should be OK. Is she going with friends afterwards i guess its OK.
Tell her how you feel and other be understanding because she sims tobe unbelievably nice woman, having be through thick or restricted with you, that's adequate trust to me.
Use your medication and take one step at a time together, she basically wants to event - you know women.
you are a great person
chill dude u want to step back u wont own to worry roughly speaking breaking up with her, u maintain this up and she'll dump u first. seriously mate your smothering her, expecting to much from her and taking her individuality from her. i also get anxious and paranoid from drug use so i kno its so strong to settle yourself down once it starts building. think of it this style buddy, she must b a special person newly to b with u and supporting u while u are surrounded by this condition. try and work out how she'd feel or what she'd mull over first before everything u do and vote.
I think it may be best to capture back on some polite drugs, to help next to this nonscense... smoke 2 dubbies and call me within the morning...

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