Am I suicidal?

I think more or less death and I can't continue to die, just to be done near life. I am depressed and on drugs, but they don't come across to do a thing. I am a touch self injurious and always catastrophic. There were a couple times when I almost took a bunch of pills.

Is this conventional teenage moods, or am I suicidal and what are signs I should look for?

Sweetie, I can get the message how you feel because one of my own flesh and blood members have suicidal thoughts. Sweetie, please do not commit suicide. There are so many entity to live for. I would be super sad if you settled to take your own life span. The world would cry without you around and heaps people would miss you close to your friends and family . Please, I would be so in low spirits to see you hurt yourself! The first thing that I want you to do is bargain to someone like a close inherited member or a really close friend that you can trust. If you do not enjoy anyone to turn to, I want you to call these hot lines and look at these websites that can seize you help and support. Here they are:

1) 800-SUICIDE:800-784-2433
2) 1-800-SUICIDE
4) 1-800-999-999 (Suicide & Crisis Center Hotlines)


If these resources above do not assistance you, please call 911 or aim another counselor and a psychiatrist. They can help you near your recovery and assuage the emotional and physical distress. Just remember to keep everybody's answers within mind and know that there is hope out here. If you need anything, please shift to and type in another examine because I bet everybody would love to help you! I hope you carry better real soon! I will label sure to pray for you every night!
your suicidal. why are u so depressed?
alright umm hmmm recount someone about that.
Hey i know exactly what your going through. You are suicidal. If you involve any help email me at
Please do not hurt yourself. There are meaning to life. Please agree to me help you, or consent to someon else if you don't want me to. Please email me.
Everyone will say differently, but I truly believe that it's a short time ago a normal module of being a youngster. Being a teen is the crappiest time during life, but once you're out of soaring school and in the region of 19 years old, things will fire up to change for you. Either you'll be contained by college or you'll be working. You'll be meeting topical people and experiencing strange things. You'll will be treated a little more close to an adult. Your hormones will collected down, and your life will evolution. So just hang up in here!
You need to bring back off the pills first of adjectives in my belief unless your schizophrenic or something like that. Pills inhibit our majority coping mechanisms. I required to die a lot when I be growing up and I think it have something to do with of late the trauma of being investigational to the world. You should find activities that breed you feel optimistic to be alive. I found that in singing, volunteering at the humane society, acting contained by plays, going on picnics, taking myself out to dinner, etc. You need to partake contained by an activity that make you feel close to your life finances something and that you are important. Talking to someone professional might oblige, too, but don't let them put you on meds! You don't really want to die, lately look inside yourself and find out what you're looking for. You're young and life span is crazy, but you can handle it and will grow up to be something great, you of late have to BELIEVE that.
I wouldn't read aloud suicidal, but then I am not a doctor.

I can give an account you that wanting to be done with enthusiasm is not good. If you are a pubescent you have so much to look forward to.

If you can't dance to your parents, an aunt or uncle, or other family contributor for help, try discussion to a counselor at school. They can help out you get the assistance you necessitate (or help you find out that you may not necessitate any.)
You may be, but I really think you entail to talk near someone as soon as possible..a professional. If you are a student, you could start with a trusted professor who could put you in touch beside someone, or your parents. Just get back. As far as ppl posting about not taking meds, I disagree. Sometimes near is no other option, esp within depression. Tom Cruise proved that with his ridulous remark roughly post partum depression. Depression is a very genuine biological illness and requirements treatment. You may not be but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Pills are okay and they do comfort many empire so don't listen to the person above.

Maybe you requirement a med evaluation because they need to be helping and it's not sounding similar to they are being important. I would strongly advise you to wish mental health treatment. Taking pills minus getting help is not the best treatment. Learn some skills via cognitive behavioral psychiatric help or DBT so you can apply them to your life.

Being a pubescent is rough but if you get the lend a hand, you can manage it effectively.
ok, in good health first of all, it deoends on how long this have been going on. If this have been happing for a thoroughly long time, then yes i revulsion to say it ur suicidal. But if this hasn't be happing for that long, then yes it is purely a phase. This happens to alot of teens, and don't verbs it happend to me to. Many reassons are due to probles with the relations, friends, schools, drungs formulate it worse. But you should see your doctor and ask him what you can do. And you can e-mail me at if you have any more question, i would love to help you out on this.
Yes you seem to be like you are my folks are mental condition specialists that specialize in things resembling that! Before you do anything crazy PLEASE email me at! PLEASE do yourself and email! Help is only a click away
You give the impression of being to have a engagement with passing. That's not unhealthy, as long as you don't hurt yourself, or try to die. You voice that you are on meds. You might want to speak with the Dr that wrote the prescription, as continuing to hold the negative thoughts, such as self-injury, can be an indication that the medication might requirement to be switched. I am sure there are dozens of folks who would miss you if you left, so please contact them, even merely to talk. Surrounding yourself beside positive people who love you will relieve. Like some of the other responders said, find something to involve yourself with, it will impart you a better self image and more hope for the adjectives. Please don't do anything you can't undo when you discern really sad!!
no. i chew over you're just depressed. anytime when the thought of departure crosses your mind, just thank God that he give you another day to live. Honestly, the single reason why anyone wake up each morning is because God isn't done with that individual. God has a plan for everyone. I don't know too oodles teens that go through this, but i'm sure you're not alone. Basically, the best guidance i can give is for you to muse far back to what may enjoy made you depressed in the first place, once you've figure it out...if it has to do beside someone, resolve it...if that person died or anything, consequently pray for God to help you forgive that entity inside and give you His peace of mind. God other honors the request of His children. Even if it doesn't happen right now, He is still in control and have not forgotten anything you've asked Him. Job 22:28 says "if you shall act a thing, it shall come to leave behind." I'll pray for you as well. God loves you. contact me though if you want...babiigurrl092009@yahoo.
I don't come up with that it's normal the approach you're thinking. But then again, what the hell is commonplace right? Do you not have the desire to be around friends? I know ancestors can be stupid sometimes or not mature ample for us but we do need that sometimes. If you're a loner that's fine too but you hold to find the root of your sadness and try to rise above it.

I know that sounds cliche but if you DO know the problem, perchance a counselor will help. I'm depressed too and I'm on meds that don't seem to be to be doing **** but I am willing to try Lexapro again since that have worked in the recent past. I don't really know where I'm going next to this but if online friends is your thing, you can contact me through IM at leavemebe_11@yahoo. It's surrounded by my profile and at the moment 10:31 eastern, I'm on.

I hope things get better for you. Really I do. Many of us it seem are underdogs.
i cogitate you should see your doctor. he/she will be able to relay you if you have suicidal signs. try floppy out with your friends more, that would lend a hand you not think of the impossible things in go.
:) hope this helped:)
Get rid of those drugs and pills!
Quit those drugs!
It's remarkably bad.
It will solitary make it worse.
People aren't other bad.
Try mortal friendly.
Oh. Yes.
Get in touch near nature.
Keep a diary.
Just make out things around you.
Like a fallen palm leaf.
A trampled on flower.
Like a walk surrounded by the park when leaves are green and flowers are blooming.
Volunteer at the animal shelter, get close to dogs, cats, bunnies if you are too afraid of humans.
Look on the bright side even when nearby isn't much.
Looking on the bright side can help you bring rid of the shadows in your duration.
Be happy!
natter to your doctor you may be on the wrong meds and have a different disorder

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