How long til subtraction hits from fluoxetine?

i have not be taking my fluoxetine for 2 weeks and i feel great. i wonder am i cured or is in attendance a lag?

It as a rule takes a while for it to procure outta your system as with most meds. Although you may have a feeling fine now, you might not subsequently. It may take 2 weeks, I don`t know 5 months. depends on you and your body.
I think you're contained by the clear. You should have feel something within 24-48 hours. There is no line.
There really are not many cases of withdrawl from anti depressants as defiant say, anti anxiety medication.The biggest problem would be some type of psychological dependence, beliveing you can no longer manage your depression lacking the meds. Hopefully you attended some counseling lioke cognitive therapy to give a hand you deal next to future problems. Good luck

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