How to stop compulsive thoughts?

I can't get rid of them. How are compulsive thoughts stopped? I hold ocd.

Are you on any new medication, or has anything changed medication sagacious? If , that is, you are on any at adjectives.
If you truly have OCD, and it sounds as if you do, you requirement to get some councelling and see your doctor.

Good Luck!
Have you hear of CBTor Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? This would help you...look it up!
There are several medicine that can help tremendously. Anafranil, Paxil, etc. You may have need of to try more than one to see which one works for you. Also there are ways alterations that can help. Go to your local library and see if they enjoy some books on this. The most important entity that I can tell you is to not suffer within silence. You may be embarrassed to speech to your doctor but they have hear much worse. If you aren't on medication then see your doctor.
hi..i know your niggle and suffering within the process of recovering from OCd..they are obsessive thoughts and and its simply an anxiety disorder..and yes you can get better..they key beside all anxiety symptoms is research not to be afraid of them..fear is what keep them coming back and stern..please contact me at im not breaking the rules on here but lets try it..

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