how do i ask my parents i need a shrink but not update them what my problems are? any suggestions?

First don't tell your parents that you obligation a "shrink". There are 2 ways to approach this.

First option, if you hold an open relationship beside your parents, ask them if you can talk to a professional counselor. If they ask why, of late tell them that you'd fairly talk to a counselor. This is what my step son did and we be fine with it. It really seem to help him a large amount.

Second option, if you really can't bring it up to your parents, ask to step see your regular doctor. Tell him/her that you would really like to discuss to a therapist but don't be aware of comfortable talking to your parents in the order of it. You might have to explain the rationale you want to go see a analyst, however your doctor is obligated not to discuss that topic with your parents. He/She can later tell your parents for you and they won't know the details.
Maybe you could start by discussion to a school counselor? I don't know what your parents are close to but I didn't push my son when he went to counseling. I numeral if he was getting aid that was the point and if he required to talk to me he would.
I would explain to your parents that is extremely important to you to shift to a therapist and that you cant make clear to them what it is now until you emotionaly work it out, which is why you necessitate help, to know how to tell them. you don't hold to tell them next, they usually forget once you start acting normal again.

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