Am i a Psychic?

I have strange headache and sometimes i see glimpses of the future within my dreams when i sleep, and visions of things arranged.. and the scary things is these things do come up. like the other morning, i had a hallucination of the ups guy delivering a bunch and dropping the pen, and the same exact guy that fit the description, ring my door bell and dropped the pen.. its kind of fearsome... i wonder if i should get aid.. please anyone im really scared.

If your are it is not something that you can go and get help for. Learn to mediate and warren your energies. It can be used to help relations or not. It is your choice. If you do not want to use it then swot up to control it at least so you will not be bothered by it.
I don`t know they're deja vu
plz dream for me if my bf gonna back to me?
capably i dunno how can i help but u can oblige
Happens to me, no your not Psychic.

Its just weird and wonderful...?
No, you are not psychic, it was merely a coincidence.
Holy cats. Unfortunately i dont know. But i think that you are. Wanna be friends?
acquire help... no thats awesome!.. u should swot up how to meditate and channel your powers!
Sounds close to u have a bequest...Don't be afraid of it because a lot of family would love to have what u enjoy. I think u should see a psychic and find out the best course to control the headaches and utilize ur vision. Can u tell me whats contained by my future?
wow!! how cool is that? don't be afrid of that, it's in danger of extinction but normal, and you never know if you see something impossible coming up, you could prevent it!!

Tell me what I'm thinking right now.
No have need of to be scared. But I don't feel you will get to several serious answers in this type of forum. There are tons sites which are better suited for this. I, for one, am a believer.
it really comes down to how you feel in the order of it... some people enjoy those visions and they own no problems feeling similar to they are psychic.. i can neither confirm nor deny the exsistance of psychics... but the rest of the world will call them "schitzophrenic delusions" so... really, you hold to decide what you are comfortable next to... in my own feelings, as long as you dont have voice telling you to do unpromising things, i dont see the problem.
Actually, that happens to me too, so when you find out the answer, share me, K?

My dreams are probably not as great as yours as in to in fact "see" the future, but I know I hold seen glimpses of the adjectives, cuz I can feel close to I have be there and see what I have see b4.

I see glimpses of the dream, not the complete dream itself, then I in reality experience it. WOW, what a powerful feeling...

I touch like I other have a de ja vu moment resembling every month. I see a dream of like a conventional day at university, and the next few weeks overrun, then I certainly experience that day @ conservatory, so I pretty much knew what would come to pass...

It's so cool that we have the bequest of seeing the future.

I quality so blessed :)

Hope I helped :)
de ja vu
hey thats awesome! i desire i could do that!
yes you are and so arnt i im not kidding
when i be about 12 i started audible range things, over the years i have realize im audiovoyant. if your seeing things most likely you are clairiovoyant. do not be upset of your gift, try and control it. use your third eye charka and you will see a integral other world full of bright sharp colors and the astral plane. your gift will grow if you are lively and truthful, do not be scared. any question email me because i use to be scared alot when i hear these voices, sombrely i dont hear them daily anymore similar to i use too, only weekly!
sounds close to deja vu

it used to happen to me A LOT... it happen the other day too but it be the 1st time in a long time.. i a bit enjoy it when it happen
you may be psychic, but no, you don't need comfort.

just 'cause you might be psychic doesn't aim you need facilitate!?
that's weird...conceivably you could go on one of those courses for inhabitants with 'psychic ability' serve improve it or doesn`t matter what they do.
You could be having premonitions. The proficiency to see things is a accurate thing not a bleak one. Many people enjoy some form of paranormal powers You may stipulation to find a mentor to help you develop and low this power.
It's probably just deja vu, surrounded by my oppinion. You never even mentioned how often it happen. Also, a teacher of us told us that deja vu is in actual fact a chemical in our brain that make us think we see ahead, but i'm not sure give or take a few that. But as far as i'm concerned, you might not be psychic (not in a strong psychic state anyway) and you shouldn't be alarmed. My friends and I get that too. It's usual, shall I say.

But hey, i'm not the one that can speak if you're psychic or not because you never even told us how often it happen. But there's nothing wrong roughly speaking being psychic. =)

As for your headache, I don't know what's causing that. I hope that get better.
I have de je vew (or however it's spelt) greatly but that is a bit scary. Who know, you may be blessed by god. My "visions" don't come in dreams though, I newly get unusual vibes. like one time I be doing a sucker pull (When theirs a peice of styrofoam near a bunch of suckers pushed in and one sucker have a dot on the end of the stick and if you verbs out the one with the dot you obtain a prize) and I keep have feelings that it would be an red one for sure and when I got to the front of the vein I brushed my hand over the suckers and I feel weird vibes coming from one of the ginger one and I pulled it out of the styrofoam and sure enough, I won the prize!!
Did you verbs me answering this question? If so it's probably a tumor, and you should enjoy seen it coming.
Wow! Super cool! (the psychic quantity not the headaches) Go on line and look up as much research as you can on the subject. I'm sure that in that is some one in your nouns that can help you out. I don't believe what happen with the UPS guy is a coincidence, it's basically not possible. I know you must be frightened because you own no one to gossip to.

You can go see your regular physician to tolerate him know about the headache he might want to do an MRI on you but I don't suggest you mention the "psychic ability" to him.

Good luck!

PS. If you feel or see any article about me please get the impression free to let me know. Thanks!
Go see a Dr almost the headaches... consult a reputable psychic give or take a few the other stuff... they'll know if you have the contribution or not.
Sounds to me like you may be. I tend to believe that a moment ago about anyone is or can be psychic, though.

They do influence we don't use 75%-90% of our brains. I think psychic ability tend to fall into the category of things we could do if we used our brains more successfully.

There are "dream exercises" one can do once in bed and prepared to sleep that can help strengthen your competency. Basically, it's just a form of meditation and relaxation, and help one remember their dreams better. It also allows one to control their dreams better, too.

I found that if i did those exercises, I remembered my dreams a lot better and that alot of those dreams "come true" or actually happen in existing life. Sometimes the things I dreamt happen the next daylight, sometimes, months later. I only had a rugged time with figure out if what I dreamt was really going to occur or just a commonplace dream. Usually, I didn't know what I had dreamt be actually going to appear until it was surrounded by the process of happening.

It's nought to be afraid of. It can be quite interesting and fun. Just don't jump around telling inhabitants about it because a great deal of people will dream up you're crazy or whatever. If you're accurate at it though, you may dream situtations with your friends and may know how to tell them what they're going to speak while they're just forming their thoughts to say-so whatever it is you already know they're going to articulate. It can be fun to freak them out a little bit...
Yeah I used to mull over that about myself too but I have it differnt.
My instects usaly are always right, almost 50%-75% of the time my instencts are correct, idk why but I approaching to think I own a gift but I know I dont, freshly realy good instecnt.
this is gonna nouns really weird, and REALLY bad topic, but it IS on topic.

I saw a show on the science channel where on earth a person found out how to repeal out gravity because it is the second-weakest force. i know he did this, because it showed a glob of glue/paste float to the ceiling- you can't really do that with string. but here's where on earth the weird part of the pack is. he was "playing around" beside different frequencies of elecromagntic force in the targeted nouns, and he was trying to trade name something that WAS hanging on a string spin within different directions. he managed it, but when he turned it wager on to those frequencies, he couldn't do it, and then other fequencies did it. so he thought that something else might be affecting that. sure plenty, objects in neighboring houses have begun to fly around and they have called the cops. it turns out that the increased electromagnetic flurry, when it was at merely the right frequencies, amplified fluctuations of electricity that were contained by his brain! (WOW)

Now, I have an explanation for why the man fit your dream, and why he dropped his pen.

1. The Man:
he have delivered to you up to that time.(?) it was a coincidence.
2. THE PEN!!:
in a minute i believe that, although this is not very imagined AT ALL, there is a indiscriminate:
a stray electromagnetic wave happen to come by you and "amplify your thoughts" so that when you saw the man, and your brain said "he's supposed to drop his pen...", it happened. resembling i said, not likely, but it IS possible.

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