15 yr mature who values animal natural life?

more than she does human life.. it that average.. she feels pity for animal when contained by pain but not humans.. where on earth of course conversation about watching tv.. or of late talking roughly speaking it in standard

Animals aren't judgemental, always forgive, don't prudence if your hair's combed. People judge surrounded by so many aspects. At 15, teens enjoy a hard time fitting surrounded by, finding one's self, and just growing up. Be grateful, your child have compassion for animals. The rest will follow. If it really bothers you, try and take an interest contained by her passion. She may become a veterinarian when she grows up!
she's a disposition lover. i know people approaching that. just permit her go. when someone close to her pass away then she'll stop. happen with 1 party that i know that was resembling that.
theres nothing wrong beside that except that she should value human duration too. i mean she is human. she probably think shell be an animal one day because according to evolution thats how vivacity goes.
I assistance more about animals consequently I do people. And in that is nothing wrong beside me. Everyone feels differently give or take a few animals. U know she could really change the world for the moral of animals thinking like that. Good for her. Let her feel what she wants and don't ever try to revision her mind.

The question make the assumption that animal life is "smaller number valuable" than human life. I crop up to think both are equal and I don't will pain or suffering on any.

Yes, it is normal and I enjoy to admit that I'm usually alike way. Animals and quality are usually dependent on human actions and are innocent party. We can't always read out that about humans :(
near is nothing wrong beside that - animals should be loved.

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