How to you comfort someone return with over human being alarmed of a rollacoaster?

i use to be terrified of rollarcoaster until my friends get me to go on a bit one then one a short time bigger etc etc - now i'm a rollarcoaster junkie!
so, within other words, try something that is intensely very bring under control and work your friend up. if they are still scared consequently don't push it - you'll just be paid them mad.
put them on it 1 time and consequently theyll want to go on again. (with force)
Well, within are some fears that need to be taken comfort of, and some that don't. The fear of roller coasters won't interfere near a person's normal time, or harm themselves or anybody else.

If this party has be on a roller coaster before, and found it amazingly scary and undesirable, in that is no reason she should own to experience going on one again if she doesn't want to. As far as someone who's never been on a roller coaster previously but wants too, but is terrified, she should start on small rides and build herself up, and go on her first roller coaster next to a good friend.
BY FORCe, and drug them that other works. They might think that passing can't catch them and they might not put their seatbelts on. It took me 3 death before the pills if truth be told worked.If u fail next try again. This world is overpopulated anyway.

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