Am I going crazy?

I keep audible range voices relating me to follow people. Sometimes after I follow them for a few blocks I acquire sexually excited and I duck into a back nouns and masturbate. Is this normal?

no that does not nouns normal at adjectives
Not normal at adjectives. You should see a psychiatrist or something.
you high?
oh sorry
A R E Y O U H I G H ? ? ?
LOL! Omg..
Get some help out with this situation..formerly it can lead into bigger issues. It can fall over into involvement of police..(stalking) Sounds to me your having sexual problems and obligation some counseling..please do this so nobody gets hurt out of this buy and sell to really find out whats wrong...
It's not normal and past you knw it you will want to increase the excitment. Nextyou will want the person to see masturbate, afterwards you force the person to monitor you and then you will force the personality to have sex near you.
That is not normal. You want to make an appointment beside your family doctor. He/she can refer you to a psychiatrist. There are anti-psychotic medication that can help you stop audible range voices.
Go to the doctor you are a menace to society, if you know like it sounds resembling you know that this is very anomalous then you obligation to get facilitate before you call a halt up raping or molesting someone. GET HELP NOW
OMG dudee,U need some seriouz relief.How bout u DON"T listen to the voicez,LOL,It'z like totally chance shiit..LoL!
need to be on medication and therapy inevitability someone to talk to im me wiccanangel1973 on yahoo messenger okay

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