.gah...drinking disorder?

why is it that all the sudden i get the impression really good around myself, thinking that i'm a pretty good size.. and consequently i lose my self confidence, and think that i'm...economically..huge.. it's kind of ebarrising to say aloud.

i don't eat exceptionally much, and that's just because i'm never hungry.. i jump through these stages where i'm reallly meagre.. as of the other question i've asked earlier this.. and
other times i feel really big.
waht could this be?

i purely need abet finding a way that i can lose solidity, and feel apt about myself adjectives the time..
i'm 5'4 5'5ish and i'm about 126 lbs( that's what i weigh last time i weigh myself)

please don't get on and read aloud that i don't need to do anything, it's for myself.. don't asnwer if you're purely going to tell me that i'm dumb or entail to go to the doctor. i really have need of help, it's open-handed of a big deal to me.


You are not dumb. You have an drinking disorder from the sounds of things and possible other things going on. I was surrounded by complete denial and was similar to I don't have an consumption disorder and leave me alone I am a short time ago never hungry and need to lose counterbalance but then I go into a program and I saw finally that I did truly have an ingestion disorder.anorexia. For your size you are at a good, strong weight even if that's not what you want to hear. You really do requirement to go see a Nutritionist or a Psychologist even though you stated that you do not want to. it will serve and they will show and teach you how to get through to where you do not hold to gain weight but assert and just munch through healthy. If you would close to to talk sometime you can IM me at jsbinal or click on my pic an email me ok. I hold been where on earth you are. I do hope you will seek Professional give a hand and wish you the best~
There is some adjectives advice here.
I'm not trying to moralize or make you touch bad but you do want professional help. Even a licensed counselor could minister to you to have more self esteem and confidence-but I would also recommend you see a physician to evaluate if your famine of appetite could be related to a physical disorder. Good luck to you.
Yes, I recognize this. You suffer from a distorted body dummy. If you do not address this issue, you could develop an eating disorder. I hold experienced the same item in times gone by. I am 6 feet and thought I be heavy at 119! I look at those photos very soon and see I was style too skinny.
If you don't want to get aid professionally, which is what I really would suggest, then at most minuscule educate yourself on the topic. Read lots of books and articles give or take a few distorted body image and low self esteem.
profusely of the time someone looses or gains mass sparatically because of emotional problems. it might seriously be best for you to shift see a phyciatrist or something. it would probably really help. i know how you quality. i'm like that too sometimes even though i've be the same weightiness for a year now.
If you spot an eating problem, you're at lowest ahead of people who own one and don't think they hold a problem. It sounds like you really obligation a support system, i.e. people who can relieve you psychologically as well as physically. Are you at risk of sense like you own to lose weight even if you acquire to a normal counterbalance? You might check out a local Overeaters Anonymous group, which (despite it's name) not only help overweight but also people who hold other issues about their body representation (body image dismorphia, bulemia, etc). If you're really basically wanting more of a regular weight loss group, there's other the gold standard of Weight Watchers which have the combination of people supporting you and believable eating proposal.
:do something to occupy your time by fast, and hold fun :) or you could eat a impartial meal, do something productive, and if you enjoy an area, or a close place to home you can stir to, just walk for a jog, i do that everyday, and its a great bearing to get alone and believe, like what i'm going to do when i capture home, what am i gonna do with my vivacity, stuff like that, you're not dumb, so various people i know walk through what you're going through, you're not fat, not trying to engender you feel discouraging or anything, but body structure does have effect on the outer look of nation, my friend who weighs like 110, has wide open hips, her bone structure is just resembling that, shes not fat.. but of late do something daily. if you enjoy a friend that lives closeby, give them a appointment, and ask if you can go for a run and stop by their house for a bit.. be safe :) and dutiful luck!
That may be called anorexia nervosa. Sometimes, anorexia do not necessarily channel not to eat anything, but it's the distress of getting fat and the humiliated feeling of "thinking" one is lubricant as happens to pacients next to body dismorphic disorder. Relax and research. It's good to know you're concerned and that you recognize it because eating disorders are regularly linked to person secrets to the soul who has them, one the first burden to break in direct to begin any treatment.

Well, if I'm not mistaken, you're contained by an excellent shape according to you BMI (Body Mass Index). Check it yourself at: http://www.kraftfoods.com/main.aspx?s=he... . For a little bit more information give or take a few eating disorders travel to: http://www.edap.org/ . Good luck, hon! =)
alli. and if you have a friend on ritalin or concerta or BETTER YET ADDERAL steal or buy pills from them.

and laxatives. adjectives kinds, any kind, all the time!
ur best and whatever make u happy
I too enjoy an eating disorder. I surmise that you are at a healthy cargo but this doesnt mean that you dont hold an eating disorder because when you speak on here that you want to lose weight it tell me that no matter what weightiness you are at you arent going to be happy. Which isnt a devout thing. I dont want you to find as low as I am because its totally unhealthy and you deserve to be stout? I would like you to chat or email me though so we can discuss this more. tammyvanne for y messenger or tammyvanne@yahoo.com. I own a lot more question for you and I dont know if I should ask them on here because I dont know how far into this you want to go on here.
If you do own beginnings of an eating disorder its not to tardy as long as you find someone whos knowledgable about this and can relief you though this. Im not a doctor and I cant tell you for sure over the internet if you own an eating disorder or not but it does sounds close to ED NOS

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