***BEST ANSWER GUARANTEED*** what do you do if someone is bipolar...but they don't know it?

it's my ex. i'm positive of it. classic behaviour, plus his mom have it. others agree when they hear his behaviour.

we finally finished it because of his ups and downs, i'm only very soon realising how much of his behaviour is consistent beside the disease. i was really angry at how i be treated, as well as a bit worried just about potential unpredictable behaviour. presently i'm not angry anymore. how can i be?

but he's angry at ME. he's being totally unreasonable, but what else can you expect? anyway i'm not within a position to sit him down and tell him he desires help, not next to him mad at me resembling this. i mean...what do you do surrounded by this situation? get a friend to say aloud something to him or watch him? i could narrate his dad but i don't know him that well and my ex hasn't done anything that severe even so. or do i just...permit him go on approaching this?

until he really wants to receive help in that is not much you can do, I know this from experience, I am bipolar and it took a long time to realize I had a problem and needed aid. If you have be like that for most your enthusiasm and he knows no different its hugely hard to see that things are not right or common. once he has calmed down next maybe you could ask him give or take a few it and just point out your worried for him. His mum should know that he is mortal like this as she is bipolar and know the signs all to very well. Bipolar is genetic so there is a fitting chance he have bipolar but it could also be some learned behavior from his mother.
accurate luck
Well, it sortof depends on how much you care something like him.

If you don't care for him much, consequently let him turn and hope that eventually somebody will notice the behavior and carry him help.

But if you do thought about him, next try talking to his dad just about it or getting a friend to do it.
If he's your ex, why are you still concerned? Move on and let the subsequent sucker deal near him
Bipolar is a serious condition, which i suffer from. Before i got treatment i would live contained by anguish for days, and i would put a terrible strain on my line, yet my best friend know something was wrong so told my mom and very soon i am being treated for it. I be mad at my friend for a while, but immediately i realise that she did the right thing, and in need her i do not know where i would be presently.

Through this one favour you do for him, could bring him a lifetime of delight. So if i were you i would any tell one of his friends to share his father or, if you think it is appropriate I don`t know sit him down and tell him yourself.

Like i said you may be insufferable for a while but believe me after a few months he will be eternally grateful for your help.

Hope adjectives goes economically.
My dad has Bipolar disorder, and for a while he be a lot close to your boyfriend. The best thing you can do, and save in mind that this may lug perseverence and is no garauntee since no one can build the person adopt that they have a problem, but I regard you should sit your ex down at some point and ask him if he's considered that maybe he is bipolar. When you're trying to convince him, breed sure the whole time you come across as anyone on his side, and make it clear that you are on duplicate team here. What he wishes is support and the knowledge that someone else requests him to start enjoying existence more and not be so prone to harmful mood swings. If you bring in it clear that you are only bringing it up because you want to relief him, then he is more potential to be open to looking into treatment or medication.
My brother's girlfriend is bipolar too, but if you notify her that, first shell freak the hell out and make a big scene, later she'll deny that there's any possibility that she's bipolar. Your only alternative may be to club him over the head and drag him to a psychiatrist while he's knock out.
First off, Bipolar disorder is not a disease, it's is a disorder. It isn't cause by a virus, bacteria, or a mutated cell, so so it can't be classified as a disease. It's an imbalance of chemicals within the brain.

Second. You are not his mother, and if you have told him once that he wants help, consequently you've done your job. Most of the time, those whom hold the disorder are wrongly diagnosed or they aren't even aware of the current mood swings, manic behavior and depression. You are not his caretaker, you are not responsible for his well human being, therefore you shouldn't be worried in the order of his irresponsibility, and unpredictable behavior.

Third, if you fear he may do somthing irrational, transmit someone who does have authority, but don't consent to the worrying take over your vivacity.
My mom was diagnosed near Bi-Polar Dissorder when I was 17...and it's be a struggle ever since. A diagnosis is NOT necessarily going to lead to increase, unless he wants it. My mother have been surrounded by and out of the hospital, on and off of her meds, contained by and out of therapy.she's tried suicide, she's tried self-medication beside illegal drugs and drinking to excess, she's be in and out of NA, rehab, other treatment option, she's "undiagnosed" herself, has sought out mental condition professionals that agree that she may not be bi-polar, as well as disappearing perfectly moral counselors if they tell her what she doesn't want to hear. It's a nightmare for adjectives involved, and while every case is different, I can speak about you this much.. no amount of counseling, medication, intervention by friends and family, etc., is going to devolution anything until he sees a problem beside his behavior and truly wants oblige. So where do you turn from here? If he won't hear you out, your best bet would be to reach out to someone that he WILL listen to...even if that scheme his father, regardless of how well you know him. If he's the best nouns to your ex, then so be it. Voice your concerns, prepare yourself beside factual information supporting your beliefs, and agree to him take it from in that.
Send him some information about it anonymously. Maybe he'll authorize it.
Show him the information that you read that made you think his is bipolar and ask him to look over it. Tell him that some of the behavior reminds you of him. You can also minimize it close to it is no big deal and he is not that unpromising. Allot of people suffer from depression and bipolar used to be call manic depressive disorder. No matter his repercussion you have planted the kernel. Only a trained psychiatrist can diagnose someone. After you talk to him once you involve to leave it alone, men normally need to marinate on things. His course of dealing is personal so there is little you can do a short time ago give him the info and permit it go.

The answer you are looking for is already within your heart otherwise you would not have taken the time to write your put somebody through the mill.

You tell him.

What he does near that information is up to him, but you would have done your member.

Wouldn't you want to know?

Be safe and be resourcefully

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