***BEST ANSWER GUARANTEED*** What do you do within this situation?!?

the last 4 months of my relationship beside my now EX boyfriend, and looking at the ridiculousness of the entire time of year, and after doing lots of reading...i'm 100% convinced he's bipolar. he's showing "classic bipolar behaviour", plus his mom has it. item is, he doesn't know he has it. he will unequivocally admit (when he's not surrounded by one of his angry patches) that he's "the most fucked up person surrounded by the world"...but he doesn't know what's wrong with him.
i'm not even discussion to him right now, for my sake in principal. he's said some weird things. but i'm only worried about him. he desires to get checked out and be put on meds. i don't know if i should try to relate him myself (i don't think that will do anything but motivation more trouble) or get his friends to or what. his friends don't know as much as i do, and much of what i know have been told to me surrounded by confidence.

Talk to his parents instead of his friends. His parents may be able to articulate to him, get oblige for him, or at the very most minuscule put your mind at ease. They may not be aware of the situation that you and he are contained by.

I know a guy just close to this. We talked to a counselor just about him and the counselor helped him out, even if the guy be seriously pissed that we went bringing up the rear his back going on for it.

*hugs* Be strong! This is a hard situation, but he wishes you to help him contained by whatever channel you feel comfortable.
pinky, you are soooooooooo f eddd up

he loves you though

in that is nobody else like you

that ultimate post could not have be written by anyone else
Since you are no longer really speaking, to tell him yourself would be a mistake. At this point, unless you be aware of he is a danger to himself or someone else, simply pray for him. He already knows something is wrong, he requirements to seek lend a hand from a professional, but until he is ready, he probably won't. Bringing it up very soon will only anger him.
he/ is in/ denial / see/ if /he/ will go/ to /health center/ and /talk/ to someone /offer /to/ go/ near him / if he/ is a minor/ his parents /can make/ him go / BUT/ next to /mom /having the illness /its rough/(if she is not surrounded by denial) she may /encourage/ him/ to go/ always /be nearby /for him(if only as a friend) don't/ turn/ your back/ on him / i /know /its/ frustrating/when /someone/ you love/ and /care give or take a few /have /mental health/ issues / if /it/ gets/ too bad /when /he /is /in an/ angry mood /take/ to er/ and/ they/ may/ concede him /and /then /the counseling /will begin/good luck / BUT / remember/ do not/ shut him /out/ of /your life /completely/it/ will /be hard/ but/ swing in/ there/you /will be/ glad /you did
Dear chasey..since you said that he is your "ex" boyfriend, the best advice that you can be given is to hang on to as much distance as you can. It is very severely difficult to cope with someone who have this disorder and not everyone is strong enough to survive. It can truly "suck the life" out of you and the more emotionally involved you are beside the person, the more difficult it is. You requirement to move on next to your life and whip it in another direction. Your ex will enjoy to get lend a hand at some point and it should be up to someone other than you to point him contained by that direction.,....best wishes
If you really care around him, then you would comfort him get some relieve. Its no fun being bipolar and those just assume you are crazy!!

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