How to control mood change?

I am prone to quick change in mood and at times irritability (lack of patience). However, most of the time I am surrounded by a very pious mood and would describe myself as a happy entity with plentifully in vivacity to be thankful for. I really don't infer why suddenly out of the blue I can get a fruitless (sad feel similar to crying) mood but usually snap out of it within a afternoon or less. Can anyone please assist me with this? My great friends are aware of this and don't hold a problem as they love me. The problem lies with topical people and those who don't know me..I estimate I might be alienating potential friends.

Fatigue, insomnia, mental confusion, anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, dimness, headaches, depression, phobias, heart palpitations, a craving for sweets, cold hand and feet, forgetfulness, dizziness, blurred phantasm, inner trembling, outbursts of temper, sudden hunger, allergies, and crying spells are signs of low blood sugar. What do you devour? A lot of sugar? Skip meals? Junk?
conceivably u have bipolar disorder. bipolar is necessarily where your mood flips from overly manic (feel really giant and have little control and discern very happy) to definite lows (depression, very grief-stricken, crying, dont want to speak or do anything with anyone).
defenetly defently move about to your doctor anyway as you yourself know that this mood change isnt right see as though u are happy contained by your life.
i cannot stress how momentous it is to go see your doctor and bring up to date him about this, it could be thyroid problems, it could be stress, it could be a mood disorder such as bipolar or it could b nought but if it is a disorder they tend to get worse the longer they are vanished. i went to my doctor, at first i be put on anti depressents but they made me ill and i single took one, a year later i go back to c another doctor and he refered me to mental form clinic, the doctor thought about bipolar disorder and very soon i am going thorugh the paces to acquire myself fixed.
dont be embarrased it could be the best thing you enjoy ever done go see your doctor but dont tolerate them just put you on a drug, ask to be reffered to a mental vigour team or psychiatrist etc
Exercise, chomp through right, get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per darkness, and see a therapist.
do things positive for yourself and others but dont agree to people stroll all over you.

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