How to control moods?

am prone to quick change in mood and at times irritability (lack of patience). However, most of the time I am surrounded by a very right mood and would describe myself as a happy personage with deeply in life span to be thankful for. I really don't grasp why suddenly out of the blue I can get a unpromising (sad feel resembling crying) mood but usually snap out of it within a daytime or less. Can anyone please sustain me with this? My great friends are aware of this and don't hold a problem as they love me. The problem lies with untried people and those who don't know me..I presume I might be alienating potential friends.

Luna can I ask...are you a Gemini?
Mood Control
Bad moods damage your motivation to succeed within training or competition. They make you more prone to distrustful thinking, and cause distraction, habitually as you trigger bad moods within other people. Bad moods emerge as desperate temper, melancholy, lethargy and sluggishness.

If you are within a good mood, consequently even dull training can be enjoyable.

Your mood is completely lower than your control - bad moods are an indulgence you cannot afford. You can develop your mood in the following ways:

Through positive thinking and suggestion - right to be heard to yourself 'I feel good' or 'I am going to move faster' or 'I can be aware of energy pouring into my limbs'. This really does facilitate.
By treating each constituent of a performance individually - when you be paid a mistake, refocus and concentrate on the next separate factor of the performance. Treating a production in this style ensures that a bleak move or a missed shot does not effect following moves or shots.
By using imagery - conjure a beautiful scene or a time when you be performing very ably and feeling upright. Alternatively, imagine notion good directly.
By reviewing your goal to remotivate yourself.
By smiling! - Forcing a smile onto your face for more than only a few seconds other seems to hoist a bad mood. Try it - it really does work!
if you draw from a good answer for that interrogate please let me know
Look deeper into yourself and step outside of the box for a convert.

What aren't you happy near? Change it.

When you feel down, stir for a walk or exercise.

Please supply it a try, you'll be suprised how much good it will do.
I chew over you should talk to a doctor, I conjecture they have mood stablizers that could assist. Godd luck!
Fatigue, insomnia, mental confusion, anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, vertigo, headaches, depression, phobias, heart palpitations, a craving for sweets, cold hand and feet, forgetfulness, dizziness, blurred fantasy, inner trembling, outbursts of temper, sudden hunger, allergies, and crying spells are signs of hypoglycemia. What do you munch through? A lot of sugar? Junk? Soda? Skip meals? Your brain can individual function on what you feed it.
Have you see your doctor?take a trip surrounded by to see him/her could be your blood pressure?are you stressed?go and receive a wee check and you will get the professional proposal,you know it makes sense.
this problem is more adjectives than people ruminate, go to your gp he will be capable of help except you will just own to find the cause of your mood swings ie fatique, hunger, still mourning etc...
hope i help
Does it happen one and only at certain times of the month? because it can be a type of PMS I've be reading about. I don't reflect on its called pms, it have another name and unsophisticatedly before some women start their length they become really upset and weepy and irratable. Look into it.

Good luck.

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