Am i bipolar?

i just can't amount it out. some days i am so happy - some i am miserable. is in that an online test i can transport?

Underlying, undiagnosed medical conditions can cause any number of "psychiatric symptoms"; these conditions can also include nutritional deficiency, abnormal blood-sugar level, allergies and food intolerances.

Have a full medical examination, including test for the above. Personally I would avoid the psychiatric route like the plague unless you choice to be labelled, drugged and held up in a coercive system that denies some of the most straightforward of human rights.

"Bipolar" is not a "disease", despite claims or implications made by clear in your mind psychiatric and pharmaceutical organisations. (It was voted into psychiatric mention manuals by a show of hand, not because there be actually any proof of it's medical existence). There is NO credible irrefutable evidence that shows the existence of what constitutes "bipolar" as a biological/neurological disorder, brain abnormality or "chemical imbalance".

"For a disease to exist there must be a concrete, objective physical abnormality that can be determined by a question paper such as, but not limited to, blood or urine exam, X-Ray, brain scan or biopsy. All reputable doctors would agree: No physical abnormality, no disease. In psychiatry, no test or brain scan exists to prove that a 'mental disorder' is a physical disease. Disingenuous comparisons between physical and mental disorder and medicine are simply cut of psychiatry's orchestrated but fraudulent public relations and marketing solicit votes." Fred Baughman, MD., Neurologist & Pediatric Neurologist.

"Chemical imbalance…it’s a shorthand term really, it’s probably drug industry derived… We don’t own tests because to do it, you’d probably enjoy to take a chunk of brain out of someone - not a right idea." Dr. Mark Graff, Chair of the Committee of Public Affairs for the American Psychiatric Association. July, 2005.

Symptoms that psychiatry label as "bipolar" (or it's related disorders), can stem from any number of variable sources. Many folks, for example, have overcome "bipolar" through megavitamin psychoanalysis and effective nutrition. A growing opulence of evidence supports that underlying nutritional deficiencies can motive even the most severe mental disorders, including symptoms labelled as "schizophrenia" [See source refs]

Bottom column? Psychiatry is a belief-system, a "faith", not a science. Despite the huge marketing strategies, the so-called "research" and all the propaganda thrown at the world, near is not one iota of scientific evidence that proves that "bipolar" or ANY mental infection, in reality, exists as an actual --medical disease--. (See this video on YouTube where numerous psychiatrists, assembly at an annual convention, freely admit that their profession is unscientific and provides no cures of any characteristics!

The U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health states: “The precise causes (etiology) of mental disorders are not known” and that “there is no definitive lesion, laboratory check, or abnormality in brain tissue that can identify the complaint.”

If you have be told differently then know this: You hold been lied to.

For more information, please pop in:
Decoding Psychiatric Propaganda

For information on non-drug / alternative approaches:

see a dr for a proper diagnosis not yahoo's on yahoo
Go to and search are you bipolar. There is a quiz nearby.
I would consult your doctor, you may not be bipolar, but there are medication you can take that can really lend a hand you.
omg lots of peopel are lke that
thats normal
sometiems im relieved
somtimes im sad
cuz im a human
you should know you know who you are
an you dont call for a test to give an account you who yu are
No sorry - it can only be determined by a trained professional who know your whole history.

Manic-depression is not usually and year on/day off cycle. In most cases I am au fait with at hand will be months and months of crippling depression, followed by a short period of "thing," which is quite different than human being "happy," as you said.

My guess is you are freshly moody. And that's pretty normal.
Sounds approaching you could be bipolar. I would see a psychiatrist to know for sure.
The answer to this is clear and very influential. THERE IS NO ONLINE TEST THAT CAN TELL WITH ANY CERTAINTY AT ALL IF YOU ARE BIPOLAR. I highly recommend seeing a doctor and recitation him about your problems. He can refer you to a Psychiatrist or Psychologist if basic, who can help your problem greatly. You may hold another mental illness so don't play around beside online tests and make clear to your doctor EVERYTHING.
You can't take a theory test on the internet to diagnose yourself. Bipolar Disorder is hard to diagnose, and it must be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Go and find a psychiatrist. They can make a contribution you the proper diagnosis and treatment.
sounds like your have what comes along with LIFE the correct the bad and the uglyest days
that can be fairly normal.
meds are out in that, but look at other things too. (diet,whats going on in your time etc..)
if you decide to see a doctor after go to a psychatric doctor and not your regular one as they will be more knowlegble roughly speaking the different medication.
go see a doctor... and transport my brother with you. Just similar to you he'll sit around somedays with a grimace on his face and complain in the order of everything. And then the subsequent day greet me near all smiles and feat like its the best sunshine of his life.
I would voice this happens to most family. I guess the difference would be if it stops you from keeping a normal time style. Like can you work and is it because something bad happen and you are having a sturdy time accepting it so you have a knotty time getting over things. not to weird. We adjectives get positive then are mother call and upsets us normal. But do travel see a Dr. Something that helps me to not win drained when I am upset is 5 htp capsules over the counter you can find them at Target they are to aid people beside mood swings. I am not Bipolar but they help but my friend is and it really help her she takes more than me. God Bless

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