Facts, symptoms, and guidance for counseling one with a Personality Disorder?

I am very close to someone that I suspect may have an avoidant personality disorder, possibly w/ a touch of paranoia. I believe the actions portrayed may be influenced by others, but there is a true possibility the disorder is caused by other factors as well. This has burdened our relationship greatly. Any info on what to look for, and how to help would be greatly appreciated!

Being close to someone with a an avoidant personality disorder is very confusing. There is really no give and take. The disorder is frustrating as most people with a personality disorder don't see it as being a mental illness. They are very fun and yet impossible to carry on a relationship with any depth or give and take. I have had to take care of myself when around this person. I simply keep it to the weather and sports ... to expect anything more hurts me and trust me I've tried. webmd.com and about.com are good resources. Take Care.

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