Anxiety is getting overwhelming?

I just want somone to communicate to, I suppose.
This is a question site though...So I suppose I'll ask away.

Does anyone else draw from so angry over something so little as a page on your computer loading slow that you will bash yourself on the head and hurt yourself? If so, how do you traffic with it?

The cliche answers will be to relieve your stress and anxiety. I know that and I've tried, I.e. hitting the wall or desk instead of myself. Some excercise. (I deficiency serious motivation so I don't keep up near anything.)

What do you do when you know your angry and you know you will start to hurt yourself? Have you found another way of coping?

I'll stop lacking coherence. Thanks. Take care.

I deliberate the medication route may be a good start. But simply for temporary. You call for a hard mental reset! That medication will allow you to know how to deal, but too oodles people will merely be content with staying within their Prozac haze. You enjoy to make a conscious shot to use this time period to do a short time soul searching. Find out why you are so doleful about yourself and your existence while you have the capability to look inside without freaking out. Our beings are with the sole purpose a tiny spec of existence, and sometimes we take ourselves means of access too seriously. Use this time to find peace with yourself, and find something else to focus adjectives that energy toward. Then attain off the meds.
You may want to start near something like St. John's Wort first. It get me through my divorce. I did have to double the dose up, but it did clutch that harsh edging off go that was so devastating.
Good Luck, man! I feel for ya!
First of adjectives, you're doing a good item by talking around it. Kudos for you. I like to assume about the big picture-what's really significant in life-the big stuff. I don't similar to to sweat the small stuff.

I remember one time I was stuck within traffic and their was a train crossing and adjectives the cars were stopped and it be taking SO LONG for the train to go buy. I get so fed up and I started swearing and hitting stuff contained by the car. I smashed my cell phone. I've done similar things a couple other times, but later one day I seize to thinking, hey, look at how lucky I am, look how good I own it.

Think big picture.
prozac- 20 mg twice a day will straighten your worried butttout! It take away all the sharp edges of your worries and fears. Anger will be the point of the past.
My mind will automatically switch to something else. I've trained it.
Some individuals would call what you're putting yourself through as "The institution of hard knock." Graduates can be recognized from the number of self-inflicted wounds they've cause.

Some people verbs into sports and athletics, others find dangerous job . . . Look. Life is hard, and there's times when things are hardest, and your within one of those times. RIDE IT OUT.

Find people who quality like you and come up beside things that help you capture through. Find others who aren't and ask them how they avoid it

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