Adults beside ADD(inattentive)? UK individual please?

I know there is comparatively a bit of info o this forum on ADD but a lot is for children and also contained by the US.
My 39 yr old husband be diagnsed with it and man severely Dyslexic about 6 yrs ago. He is presently on Methylphenidate 2 per a.m. and 2 fluoxetine(?) per day to combat the depression as a side effect of the other tablets.
Is at hand anyone else out there contained by a similar position in the UK/NorthWest, or any proposal you can give. I would close to some kind of net where I can chat to associates and carers in a similar position to myself. Thanks

Hi really honourable question - as I focus many believe individual children have this condition. I be diagnosed last year (32 now) - would be great to stay surrounded by touch and chat about it. Getting a diagnosis surrounded by adults is hard - honest on you for getting there. You could set up a yahoo group for fully fledged ADD- I would get involved- resembling you I feel abit out of sorts next to it.
your husband should be proud of himself for sorting out his problem. i wish my ex husband would own. he knows he have these problems,(our son has a.d.h.d. as a result) but he does nil to help himself and this within turn affects my 2 boys. WELL DONE YOU! keep up adjectives your good hard work. well done you too, i know how difficult it is to promise with this. stick together, you'll be fine.
Hi,it is the first time I hold heard of it.You must be incredibly proud of your husband.Have you tried putting Adults with ADD within yahoo search in that is loads of info.Good Luck
There doesn't seem to be abundantly of support but it is interesting because the adhd child who subsequently becomes an adhd full-grown! And is then forced to disappear into life and disappear. And consequently cope with children next to adhd and times can be very concrete.

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