A particularly personal problem. PLEASE sustain.?

I cant stop sniffing my wifes panties. Yesterday I almost got caught wearing a duet of them by her.

is this normal?

that really depends on if she is a minger or not. if her pant are bigger than yours then definately not
if you sniff them and it turns you on because they're similar to her & the same motivation for wearing them, then i suppose it's majority. if not, next i'm not really sure and you might want to evaluate your sexual orientation.
Pretty everyday.

Enjoy yourself!
No dude.Your a perv.You need to jump buy some tools and fix something.
No it's not normal. You're hooked by her like adolescents are stuck with Jessica Alba. There's nought wrong about mortal crazy over you're wife, you should be, but that doesn't mean you should be taking a see of her undies and cross dressing in them man.

That's of late nasty. Wear your own underneath ware and quit sniffing hers', that's really perverted even if it is your wife.
Just sniff her panties as foreplay, as to getting rid the " panty fetish", you'll either 1 own to get caught be embaressed E.G. masturbating while wearing them, or masturbating while sniffing them. or 2 lick her (|) through the panties and create her creme it will taste horrible and you'll one aversion (|) or two not like panties. As to wearing the panties, I find them slightly omterable and the give you more hang up time in picnic basket ball. Just dont agree to the boys see you.
its very organic that is a great fond of sniffing!
capably make sure you dont receive caught next time...lol,
I refer you to the following trellis site:


Read some and you will know.

Evidently deeply of you don't understand what is losing cross-dressing. I have deal with it abundantly in my practice and I own a very correct understanding of why empire do it, and though you may think it is really unnatural, it is more common than you might dream up, including the sniffing.
Its normal if it feel normal to you! Id seriously verbs if you wanted to start sniffing other peoples and am presuming its becos your so attracted to your wife? I will own my other half may find hold of mine but certainly not to wear them!
Yes it's ordinary. You may want to share this with your wife..unless you cogitate she will think it's not common in which skin, think going on for it.
Don't think of regular. Think of helpful/not-helpful. Is this a behavior you want in your natural life? If I say it's common then it's OK right? If I articulate it's abnormal that make it bad, and make you want to do it more. This behavior is probably causing deeply of stress in your time, wether it's normal or not. Focus more on how you touch before and after you do it. Compulsive behaviors usually own a lot of pent up atmosphere behind them. You wouldn't be doing this for nought. What do you get out of it? How does it product you feel to do it?
it adjectives depends in the time of the month you are doing this if you carry my drift.......
Sniffing is alright, wearing them is a little too far. Just don't carry caught and you will be ok.
If u like it dont stop , but remeber if u grasp caught its going to be imbaresing..
It's perverted and you could get a disagreeable infection in your proboscis.
Personally i think its a trifle perverted but as long as it stops at your wifes i suppose there's nought wrong with it .
Does she know?
i can understant u sniffing cos shes ur wife, but not wearing em, unless u wan 2 be a women .
Long time ago I worked within a chic "Adult Toy" boutique and had the privilege of selling sex toys to more than a few A-list Hollywood actor and actresses. One piece I learned be just how adjectives certain fetish were. And yours, my friend, is pretty adjectives.

If you and your wife are both comfortable with your kink, maintain it up! I think sexual taste should be shared with one's spouse to see if it can be something both partner enjoy.

Incidentally, wearing a woman's panties doesn't construct you gay, if that is your mistrust. It may, however, make you someone near a cross-dressing fetish (even a mild one).

For straight-up answers to kinky sex questions, check out Dan Savage's internally syndicated column, "Savage Love."
This is considered a fetish... SOme people want other people shoes or socks... If this interferes beside your life after you need to speech to a counselor about this...It is also adjectives
well if it turns you on later no harm

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