A friend have developed a problem. She "collects" valid dogs.?

I like this person--, but I very soon know she has some sort of wierd obsive-compulsive disorder.

The problem is ruining her time and getting her big expensive $200 plus tickets for noise, and very soon into Court with neighbors who own grown tired of the daily bark.

It is ruining her life and her relationship next to her elderly parents who are in their 80's and live contained by another state--, as well as beside everyone else.

Even her parents don't want her to visit due to the dogs, which she refuse to leave at home.

Previous to this, 5 or 6 years ago, she collected 22 past the SPCA stepped in and removed 16.

I call every mental health group in the phone book.
Nobody have a clue who or what to advise. The SPCA say she is a "dog-a-holic" but has no suggestions any.

Otherwise she is friendly, has not missed church contained by years, does not drink, smoke, do drugs, or get into trouble, and stays surrounded by excellent shape.

Any REAL suggestions? (no smart a-- answers please).

Maybe sitting down and leveling with her. Explain to her that you realize she loves dog, but that she is if truth be told doing more harm to the animals than righteous. That amount of dogs living together can't be healthy for them or her. Maybe if you hold the route that it's better for the animals she will be more likely to read. You could also explain the strain that this is placing and family and friends too. Good luck to you and your friend.
You obligation to find someone at the SPCA that you can get to constantly move about over and remove the dogs. The only approach she will stop is if she can't have them.
Hmm..You get me. I really don't know what to do. Have you personally tried chitchat to her? You need to merely tell her that she have a real problem. Good luck.
Id suggest to her to budge and see a Therapist. She obviously have a OCD problem and needs to be address.
I am aware of what you are talking around...
Luckily maybe when she go to court.the court will order her singular have one dog.
Most cities enjoy ordinances on how tons animals any homeowner is allowed to have. Although the SPCA can bring back involved if abuse is determined or let go, you need to return with the city involved to enforce their ordinances. I'm not sure which department you involve to call, but try the SPCA and basically ask them for the city ordinance number or contact a main city department and ask them for assistance. Whether the dogs are being taken effort of or not, it is illegal to enjoy more than the allowed number of dogs on a property unless you are zoned for it, like within farmland. You may also want to check out the Homeowners Association if she has one and try to return with them involved as well.
It sounds similar to an intervention may be in writ. You need to get hold of all of the general public who care give or take a few together, sit her down, and have a discussion roughly this problem. Hopefully she will actually hear what you are aphorism. If that has no effect though later you need to report her to animal welfare organization and hopefully get them to agree to constantly pocket the dogs. This may require a court ordered ban on her owning dogs within order to see any humane of significant reduction contained by her habit though.
The approach you should use is on how these living conditions are effecting the animals. She clearly loves animals and in her mind she'd doing what's best due to this love. She will prob be especially defensive, but be firm but loving. Let her know that these animals are merely existing, not living the lives they should, as a single dog being loved by a ethnic group that has the time and mode to spend quality time next to them. There's no way surrounded by h*ll you can give point time and attention to 22 dogs. Besides cleaning up poop, feeding and watering and letting them out, how much attention can she really offer these animals?

She's not a bad personage, and in her mind she think she's doing what's best. Talk with her, facilitate her find homes for the dogs she has until that time the SPCA steps in and seize them and they get put to sleep.

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