How would I know if I'm Psychosomatic?

Psychosomatic is not an illness contained by and of itself. You can have symptoms of frequent different illnesses and they can be psychosomatic (in the mind). The only mode you will know is to go to a Dr. and hold test and enjoy things ruled out. A Psychiatrist would be likely to know too but it depends on what your symptoms are as to what type of Dr. you entail to see. Good luck~
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Psychosomatic money that an individual that goes through an emotionally/mentally stressful event, will somatize these symptoms. To explain near a specific example, if you have several difficult exams and at equal time, a lot of arguments beside your partner, you might have ghastly stomach aches. If you dance to a doctor and he can't find any physical cause to your dull pain, this can suggest that you somatized certain psychological aspects, which is why it's call "psychosomatic disorder".

If you have serious agony or unexplainable physical symptoms that, if tested, don't show any physiological cause, next you should look deeper and think if within is any stressful or traumatic event in your enthusiasm that occurred within the same spell as the symptoms. If there is, after you should seek a counselor, a bit than a doctor, who can help you concordat with these issues and relief you cope and overcome the emotional issues contained by your life that appear as physical symptoms.

Hope this help!

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