Anti-anxiety pills...? Stress...?

I take own xanax that just kinda sits within my bedside table. I take it when im going to own a panic attack, or after. But can they work for stress? How regularly and how many can you purloin? I'm pretty sure they are 3-5mgs.

If you are having a stressful situation the Xanax can relieve. Try taking one pill, wait an hour, next take another if your doctor told you you could. But Xanax is outstandingly addictive. I had a friend who go through a lot of stomach-ache getting off it. Be punctilious.
isn't that a weight loss pill i don't know if they work for stress but possibly you should see a doctor
i also keep xanax on appendage for anxiety and yes they help near stress, but you have to think twice with them as they are importantly addictive. On my script it says bear one tablet twice daily, i try to only take one contained by the evenings if im really anxious about things so i come to an end up taking a few a month and havent had a problem beside addiction.
Ok. Xanax will work for your stres, but you will need to swot how to cope with by yourself. I am trying to do it for so frequent years but it is hard. 3-5mg is pretty giant dose. If you have a frequent frenzy attacks, i would recomend Xanax XR in small dosage that will control you through the morning. Ask your doctor about it. Taking xanax when u call for makes you more dependent. You inevitability to go on it for several weeks to silent you down and then try to catch off. Also, you might try some different drug that works for nouns disorder like Lexapro or Buspar, they are not that adictive. I am taking 1.5mg of XR a morning for a long time and have no madness attack since then. Ask your doc, those are my merely sugestions. Good luck.
I wouldn't take them for stress, basically panic attacks. They are a controlled substance and should not be abused.
first of adjectives what do you mean "when your going to own a panic attack?" usually panic/anxiety attacts come sudden out of the blue can steal xanax for stress. does your RX say "steal every 4-6 hours?" or as needed. if you have frequent panic/anxiety attacts along near stress you should call the dr. and gain the dose increased. or find something that is stronger. klonipin and adavin works powerfully. i take klonipin.

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