Antidepressant effect of alcohol, headache an depression?

I was diagnosed as Bipolar II. I've tried plentifully of different antidepressants but there is nil working better for me than alcohol. I am not an alcoholic and I contol my drinking knowing it is not the way. I drink once a week four, five fluffy beers, but they can work wonders the day I am drinking and the subsequent day. There is no antidepresant or mood stabilizer that could made me perceive so normal close to alcohol, why?? I am so frustrated. Also, when I am depressed and anxious I have a preassure headache contained by my right eye, my eyes feel beefy and I blink a lot, I've checked beside eye doctor, everything is fine. When I feel better, my eyes perceive fine, is that normal?

I be diagnosed with Bipolar several years ago and I can truly update you that while alcohol seems to work immediately, it won't for long. I know it is frustrating and you feel approaching your never going to feel resembling yourself again but you will. As for the symptoms of headaches and eye twitches those are adjectives side effects of many different anti-depressants that will subside surrounded by time if u are on the right meds. Please make sure you also receive cognitive dream therapy not just antidepressents. Cognitive analysis can be a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a counsellor or even group therapy where on earth you can talk more or less ur issues with ppl who know what ur going through. Good Luck, I know u will succeed
There is nil wrong with an alcoholic beverage to back you to deal beside life's anxieties. You are to be commended that you have control of it. The Bible doesn't condemn drinking approaching so many populace think. What you are doing may be safer than pills. We are dealing next to problems today that man should never have prearranged. God never intended for the world to be like this. He is roughly speaking to change things outstandingly soon.

1TIMOTHY 5:23 23 Do not drink water any longer, but use for a time wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent cases of sickness.

2TIMOTHY 3:16-17 . . .All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining contained by righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work.

Sounds similar to you could benefit from a personal Bible study. The solution to all you problems can be found surrounded by the Bible. Not in church, (the churches enjoy their own problems), but in the Bible.
Stop drinking and dawdle a few weeks, the anti depressants will start working.

Alcohol is a depressant. Combining it with an anti depressant reek of a bad conception.

I don't GET anti depressants so I drink sometimes. If i did I wouldnt dream of it.

I know that eye problem. Blink really hard repeatedly it may serve.It is a pain to get hold of rid of it though.
Alcohol is a depressant i.e it slows your brain and body down. It might feel obedient now but beside bipolar disorder the worst thing to do it mess near the delicate symmetry of brain chemicals. It won't always be controlled- my best friend turned to it like peas in a pod way that you did.
I know you hold heard this so abundant times but... bipolar will define you if you tolerate it and so will alcohol. let the psychiatrists do their item, they will find the right med dosage in the shutting down. Good luck
aint gonna work,cuz docs only know antidepressant route,adjectives foods are sometimes the cause,,,,thieve a look at a nice cozy country diner menu and you'll likely find one or more food,chemical ,or preservatives that cause/aggravate your problem,,,,white coffee filter treated with chlorine,,,bleached flour for apple pie crust,,sodium benzoate contained by whipped cream,chicken treated near antibiotics and growth hormones,,,,diet that may help depression would potential eliminate most of this stuff,,might be one or 2 tyramine containing foods that formulate you feel a great deal worse,,,,,,finding out which one is something your doc doesn't wanna be bothered with,,you enjoy to write down a 2 week diet history,noting food contents,how prepared,serving size,time.after completed choose monday as arbitrary start year,go on brisk for 11 hrs,except for 8 oz mineral water every lapse of fast ,own a chunk of food from previous weeks diet,wait 45 minutes,check pulse,heart rate,skin color,write down in black and white,try something else,same routine,,,when pulse ,heart rate goes up,,you are feasible allergic to that item,,,,,,,docs who do this kind of work i've posted almost 60 answers,they also do this work in a clinical setting,and hold available iv antifungals,solution of calcium carbonate,and valium to help you transition from thought horrible to feeling ,powerfully,for awhile,feeling pretty pious,docs do something like dr phil treatment,,they draw blood to check for thyroid, pancreas,cbc.sed rate,and others.during nippy,they scale wager on on antidepressants,ask you to fill out form history,previous 2 weeks diet,after which you might take a snooze,then start the swiftly,and allergy skin tests.doc puts you on diet free of adjectives junk foods,dairy,sugar,yeast,and ON a diet of natural whole particle health type stuff,market you a cook book to show how to cook a 3 or 4 day rotating diet(no same collation may be eaten more frequently than 3 days apart.lotta nation feel for good improved by these methods,but diet must be adhere to,and sublingual drops tailored to your immune system must be taken once or twice a day.these folks are pediatricians,mds,gps,dentists... antiquated fillings are replaced near gold filling because toxic metals are used to make amalgam filling,) these docs are called clinical ecologist,credentialed by the american academy of environmental medicine contained by wichita,,,ringem up on the net for info & referral.these docs can helpya be aware of better and if you insist,they'll prescribe one of the antidepressants along with the diet change.the mainstream docs,however ,are one track pill seller as far as bipolar and other mental illness stuff.ya can't fightem,thay don;t listen,and your insurance company reps probably know more more or less the new york yankees and end weeks episode of big brother or american idol than work that the aaem does .be sure and tellem(insurance folks) hi for us,they're gonna get replaced someday.
The problem near using alcohol to self-medicate is that it will begin to give somebody a lift larger and larger dosages to have duplicate effect. And, when you're not drinking, you can experience a rebound effect where on earth your symptoms become worse unless you have alcohol contained by your system. Today you don't have a problem beside drinking, but what's going to happen if you depend on it?

I drank to concordat with depression and inside 10 years, I was drinking 2 bottles of rock-hard liquor a day and be no longer employable, only calculation to the list of why I be depressed.

PS - People who have mental condition issues usually do not fare well contained by AA.

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