A co-worker died, and I am not handling it very well. Has the demise of a practical stranger ever very much artificial you?

A co-worked died yesterday. He worked on a different floor. I think I spoke next to him once on the phone, and maybe saw him a few times contained by the hall. He be very young-looking. He died from an illness, not suicide or a wreck or anything similar to that.

I can't stop thinking about him, and I don't know why his disappearance has effect me so much when I hardly know the guy.

You probably are taking this hard because of his age. It's other difficult to think of somebody childlike dying and especially from an illness. It make us think of our own lives and could something ensue to us like that. Even if you didn't know him okay, you did have contact which brings his loss in to your enthusiasm. Also, thinking of him shows you have compassion. That's a wonderful trait.
Never happen to me yet and I've specified 2 people surrounded by my workplace that died (natural causes and an accident) but dosen't mingy that maybe someday it might. I freshly felt impossible for them and their families but really get over it in a thing of hours.
Absolutely. There was a girl next to whom I was friends contained by middle school, briefly. She and I go to different high school and had not spoken contained by over 3 years. She died in a motor crash (a horrible one, caused by a sleeping semi-truck driver aka the merely survivor), and it took me a very, extraordinarily long time to get over it because it feel to me that she was murdered, both by the truck driver and the girls who be so cruel to her in arts school. If she hadn't transfered schools, possibly this wouldn't have happen...

She was a stranger to me when she died. For adjectives I knew, she be no longer the girl I had particular in middle academy.
someone fairly close to you, I don`t know in age, is unmoving...in a setting where on earth you dont get to shame it...touch of "timor mortis" probably..if him why not you?
Because he was infantile and maybe he lived comparatively awhile with the weakness so you developed sympathy for him.
Or maybe his loss has awakened sorrow contained by you from another's death.
You nouns very thaw hearted.
yes it affects me as well..a kid I know in Middle School dies suddenly and it bothered me for a LONG time---I also have a coworker die and that bothered me a lot as well--I am really sensitive to things like that---
I believe that when you remark anybody's death you can counter with atmosphere that come from concern about your own mortality and the mortality of those you love. Also, consider this - when you step to any funeral, don't you also grieve for all the losses you enjoy suffered before and the ones you know you will suffer surrounded by the future?
I suggest it's totally normal for you to act in response strongly to a death even if it's someone you don't know very well. Why one death instead of that of another? I expect it's due to the time it's happened and your from the heart vulnerability at that time.
Best of luck to you
Last November a man I worked with, simply briefly (he worked in another subdivision of our work-site, several hundred feet away) whom I in recent times knew to utter hello to, dropped dead of a heart attack. He appeared to be within excellent shape and relatively young (mid to unsettled thirties), but it turned out he knew he have a problem with his heart and chose not to do anything roughly speaking it. I impulsively go to his funeral because I could not stop thinking about him. I intermittently cried hysterically for almost two months. Now, thinking in the region of him makes me perceive sad but I hang on to busy and stay grateful for what I have within my life.
Experiencing this event have made me more appreciative of what I DO have, hold a better understanding of how transient duration really is and be more determined to live a healthier life--I'm not surrounded by the best of shape myself...
This must touch something painful inside of you. You requirement to get that deal with.
I have a former boss die suddenly a few years ago. I worked for him for about a year. I didn't know him adjectives that well, but I get along with him fine. I suppose that it make you more aware of your own mortality when someone you don't know too well dies, and that's what affects you. I wondered is that adjectives there is to someone's existence? You're just here for awhile and later done?
Once I met this guy in a club and terminated up having breakfast w/him at 3am surrounded by Denny's afterwards (which was moderately unusual for me--I hardly ever offer any man the time of day within the club, period) but over our "breakfast" we seemed to hold a connection and it turned out he be a Marine from the same Group, different part as me, so we agreed to make plans for a date that Sunday. He never did appointment me that Sunday and I went to work the following Monday a short time upset at being stood up. Then we have formation and were told nearly the death of a Marine on Saturday--riding his motorcycle w/no helmet--I be crushed (I cried for hours!).I mean it seem so ironic...I just met the guy and he died the subsequent day?

I attended the funeral and go to shake hands w/his family connections and the father says to me, "Are you the childlike lady my son have just met? Valerie, right?" Needless to utter, I really tripped out at that point--he had already told his parents going on for me, hours before he passed.Ian be his name.his passing is still w/me all these years following, it was a f*cked up situation for sure...

I suggest I must have the most awful luck possible when it comes to men.

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