After I hold sex beside my boyfriend i draw from depressed... and touch resembling crying and i dont know why...what do i do?

After I have sex beside my boyfriend I feel depressed... why is this? I cant have a sneaking suspicion that of any reason except for chemical drive insane. Please help...

Geez, I would own more questions than answers for you but here go.first off, is the sex pleasing to you? If not, you could be frustrated, just because it be great for him, doesn't mean it be good for you! The second subdivision to this would be how to bring the subject up.which is another question completely.

If you do do orgasm, it could be the physical release that makes you grain like crying, sort of 'opens up' your sensitivity, which can be overwhelming..but a moment ago understand that your sensations are ok, no matter what they are, and hopefully you own an understanding boyfriend..

Further, as someone else mentioned, you could enjoy been abused as a childish child, maybe you don't remember or repressed it as a coping apparatus. That's more common than populace realize. So sex could be opening those elderly wounds that you might not even know exist..

Another reason for your crying could be that you're not thrilled with your relationship next to him, there could be other things inside the relationship that are bothering you, but you tend to feel it more after sex..

As for a chemical inequity? You would feel depressed most of the time, your sleep and consumption habits would convert, things that used to be fun just aren't any more..your strength level could drop, but you would distinguish it as an overall change contained by yourself, not just after sex..

Because I don't know which of these is going on, I suggest you regard as about some of these things, and if you get the impression like you might be suffering from depression, or that the sex itself is bringing up discouraging memories from the past, after you should look into therapy. You can log onto WebMD for a depression interview, check out the results and talk to your doctor. But essentially, I think you want to talk to your boyfriend just about how you are feeling, if he's a moral man, he will be understanding and listen and want to lend a hand. If not, then I don`t know he isn't the guy for you.good luck.hope some of this help!
From your avatar I judge you are teen. May be you are still not grown for this. Dont do it.
It's probably not a chemical inequality. Those things go on adjectives day, usually.

It may be that when you be little someone molested you, or bothered you sexually, somehow. You may have forgotten it.

You may want to try analysis, to check on it.
feeling guilty and not one happy near your image or passion that you are not good at it, desire some profesional help and don't permit it grow into something more painful.
I must know more details around you to give you a reply. If you entail advices , you may contact me with further info.
Well i know that when you do own sex you become sensitive because having zex release a hormone and we experience that, close to me when I had sex near my partner and I will be depress then I will be saw i'm not good enought etc. It's an intense state for some after sex.

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