I believe a counselor I be seeing abused me, can I sue her financially?

This counselor worked in an organization(Alliance) that help homeless people suffering from mental robustness problems. I have a history of drug addiction, but also entail to be on narcotics for chronic pain. This counselor manipulate me into giving her my meds for what she said were horrible migraines. I feel terrible for her and I did`nt other need to pocket my immediate release throbbing med so I had some to spare and I give them to her. Ever since the first time , she called me sounding really off-colour and crying asking me if I could spare her some more pain meds. I stopped seeing her and eventually stopped taking her phone call. I need to verbs therapy for my own condition, but feel I can`t trust anyone. I already have severe trust issues and have no friends.She pretended to be my friend even though she said this be not allowed surrounded by a therapeutic relationship.I enjoy recorded phone messages where on earth she is sounding terrible and asking for me to tender her more "help" for her pain.What can I do reasonably?

NAMI (National alliance for the mentally ill) is a group of consumer advocates that could guide you surrounded by this situation. Their help hotline is 1-800-950-NAMI. A lawsuit is a complicated thing and I believe phone recordings are not admissible in court. Your best bet is to try and seize her help and to return with further help for yourself. NAMI is a group of society who are typically not therapists and they will own your best interests in mind.
You have need of to contact your local mental health business and tell them what happen. This is very totally unusual and certainly incredibly suspect. She needs relieve and needs to be investigated past she does this to anyone else.best wishes
She is definitely at glitch. You provided her with the drug though. So thats approaching saying I enjoy medical marijuana but my friend said ohhhhh im so depressed i need some of that and I impart it to her and then dance try to take her to court cuz she is my doctor. You dont really enjoy a good shield is what im trying to say.
pilfer the recordings to a lawyer, this woman is not singular breaking the law, she is breaking every code of nouns and must be stopped. Also write to your state board of licensure and report her actions and set aside to give them a transcript of the tape you made. SHE MUST BE STOPPED before she does this to someone else.
seriously of times drug and alcohol councilers had drug and alcohol problems of their own. she probably relapsed. Call the union and report it. She needs serve and you will be doing her a huge favor by reporting it.
i really dont think she abused you..i deem she had a migrain or watever and you give her some meds and she got addicted..u would be contained by trouble because she could have be allergic or somthing to them..so i would not sue her.
report her ****
Wow! This is absolutely horrendous! I would suggest you speak to an attorney without beating about the bush. I'm sure you're not the first person she have manipulated and taken help of. She should not be practicing! Definitely place a call for a free consultation next to an attorney or two and they will likely hold your case short charge until you have reach a settlement. Also, i would definitely send for the state and report her as well. Good luck and keep hold of us posted on your case... This personage needs to be stopped earlier more "patients" are harmed... Her actions are immoral and pretty "stupid" for a person who is supposed to be "educated"... :o)
The reality that you are aware of the misconduct and the wrong doing suggests other issues. I would report her as she violated her code of ethics and may have need of intervention herself. What you decide to do after that is to say up to you and what you can live with. You do own the right to request if your counselor/therapist has have a CORE done and that they are cleared.

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