Ambien ineffective near wellbutrin?

I am on effexor 75mg twice a day for the ultimate two months. for the last month, I've needed ambien to nose-dive asleep at night. Now my dr have put me on wellbutrin 100mg twice a day as a lesser to control my appetite. Now the ambien doesn't seem to be working properly, and i rouse up in the middle of the dark. has anyone else have this problem, and is there another sleep aid or tranquilizer that works better near wellbutrin? thanks!

If your dieting, your body isn't sure what to do since the food intake have changed. Waking up means nurture me. Control your appetite with exercise. for a while more activity will trade name you more tired and help beside the cravings.
Check with your doctor. You may of late have to hold the Wellbutrin in the morning.
Wellbutrin shouldn't affect how Ambien works. However, if you're wake up in the middle of the dark, you may want to switch to Ambien CR. It's a controlled release formula of Ambien that should keep you from wake up once you fall asleep. If you still find that it doesn't seem to be to be working for you, there are other sleep aids available. Some devout ones to try would be Temazepam or Lunesta.
Wellbutrin can make you hyper. Consult md to see if he can lower the dose or something. See if you can nick the second dose of wellbutrin earlier within the afternoon.
This is somewhat unusual but generally would be related to the dosage of ambien. Tell your doctor about your symptoms. They may taper past its sell-by date in time but be sure that your physician know what is going on so that he/she can determine the dosage that has be described. best wishes
I'm glad you asked that question. I don't deliberate it's an issue of the Ambien not working. I deliberate it's more an issue of you becoming tolerant to the Ambien. My girlfriend's on Ambien with Welbutrin. But ever since she added Benadryl 50mg. to the mix, she sleeps better. Don't forget though that the Ambien is a tool - an aid - to serve you get to sleep. I find, and my girlfriend finds, that it help us to change our mindset a few hours since we go to bed, turn the heavens conditioner on low to lower your body temperature, engineer the bed with verbs sheets, take a cool shower - nearby are any number of things that you can do to help you sleep that don't involve medication. I other say that medication can abet any problem, but it is only a tool - one tool among abundant.

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