Is making too much complication a sign of bipolarity?

my family won't even work out what im talking just about when i try to put things together and makes sense out of it, it really works inside my team leader and i feel bright and breezy about it
even when my friend asks me if i have dinner, i make offer them complicated answers
i try to make closely of associations and relations between my knowledge
im really suitable at making analogies and that's why im able to bring in my friends understand chemistry(i put together super weird analogies)
i decision that my realization would go further than my thoughts because i procure depressed and worried once i make analysis and there's no mode back because i hold a super memory and i live by it like hell
i also form mind maps of category, which has section and make and update my fair points of why i shouldn't be guilty when i am
everything is so easy to arrive at using logic and memory that it's a living death from my depression
some family don't understand what im adage and i think im unusual to go too far at it

Answers:    Rambling and disjointed monologues when answering a grill was one of MY signs when I be in the manic pause of the spectrum. I couldn't just bequeath a quick answer. I have so many thoughts that (TO ME) connected surrounded by a serendipitous way that I would start to answer a query and people's eyes would quickly start to polish over. I laugh at it presently but I totally understand why ethnic group avoided talking near me back after.
Doesn't sound resembling bipolar disorder. With bipolar disorder you have really glorious highs and really low lows.

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