A interrogate for nation who own schizophrenia?

Does having schizophrenia contribute you the mind state of a child?and can you cover it up when your in public? Serious answers singular plz

It depends upon the severity of the illness, and if the merciful is taking drugs perscribed for the condition.

For more help, telephone the mental health hotline. There is no charge. National Alliance for Mentally Ill: 1-800-950-6264

No one chooses to suffer or be well, it is an complaint. It may sometimes be hard to transmit what is real and what is not unadulterated.
Please urge your friend to get backing.

Have you seen "A Beautiful Mind"? This be based on a true story, although it does enjoy some hollywood theatrics.

Good luck!
My uncle currently is schizophrenic and after a while of having it he have learned how to cover it up contained by public although it can be very thorny if it is a serious case. Im not sure if it give you the mind state of a child, i just know that my uncle is awfully perinoid sometimes and its scary even near meds. Good luck.
No, it does not make your IQ low. Some of the most intelligent populace have schizophrenia.
I don't hold the disorder myself, but mental illness is member of my studies.

Schizophrenia presents with different symptoms within different people. There are some behaviors exhibited by some schizophrenics that may appear childlike, but the motivation for the behaviors, the "mind state", is not at adjectives similar to that of a child. There are also many adjectives symptoms and behaviors that are not childlike at all. So the answer to the first examine is definitely no, schizophrenia is not associated near a childlike mindset.

Masking the illness within public depends on the severity. I've met a couple schizophrenics who can complete just more or less any routine task surrounded by public without any trouble at adjectives. I've also met a couple with severe disease (nonstop delusion and/or hallucinations) who cannot go out within public at all. The condition varies so much between patients that some are completely functional and some are completely non-functional.
I hold schizo-affective disorder and MPD as well. My self split when I was 7 and so the actual " me" lacking the alternate personalities is still 7, and the other personality are the ones with adjectives my social skills etc. So yes if none of my alternates are up front and only my underpinning personality is present, consequently I do appear very childlike.

At indistinguishable time though, the MPD is a seperate disorder from the schizo-affective disorder... so you can't base adjectives schizophrenics on my testimony. All schizotypal disorders own disorganized thinking and/or delusions. We devise differently than "normal" people... within fact I'm not relatively sure how normal population think to be honest... it baffle me how people can NOT overemphasize sure points or obsess over unmistaken details...

As for covering it up... that's where my alternates come into play. Certain relations only see positive sides of me. A select few, usually those I'm closest to, see more than one side. But again this is part of the MPD, so for a straight schizophrenic it may fluctuate.
My mother is schizophrenic, and she absolutely covers it up within public...well, she used to. Now that she's within her 60's it's become bad satisfactory to be more obvious, but as I be growing up, she hid it hugely well.
It have different effects on different people. My mother's "theme" be religion, as many people's are, so she be not childish in her way of life, but there are oodles different forms of mental illness, and lots of subtle differences between respectively that an everyday person similar to you & I can't really tell the difference between, so there's no source why a person acting within a childish manner could not be artificial by schizophrenia or something similar.
I hope you're ok in doesn`t matter what situation has brought something like this question. All the best.

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