A website for self-injury/self-harm?

Does anyone know of a good website beside chatroom (live chat, not a forum) for people who self-harm? I used to cut myself, but enjoy managed not to for seven months, but the stress is building and I want to yak to other people around it before I do it again. Please don't recommend that I see a psychotherapist - it's largely their fault that I do it surrounded by the first place. Oh, and praying doesn't work. God's engaged.

I know you said no forum and http://recoveryourlife.com have a forum how ever it has a frequently used chat room which have people on reasonably alot who can support you and help you hold to sign up though its simple and worth while if you serious about stopping.

Good luck
See self mar, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris... on page 4.
A pious place for those who are recovering is the SAFE website. www.selfinjury.com There is a blog that is really a moderated forum. This is a moral recovery place since triggering is barred. Good luck and keep it up!
I don't know one near a chat... but I have a site next to SI alternatives
There is a link to a forum that we are working on at the top... (sorry no forums, but yeah.)

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