Am I going insane?

I've been thinking really severely the past week or so something like the nature of actuality and so forth, and my consciousness. Is it possible for me to become crazy from this? I think I might own Dissociative Disorder or something. It's like I'm overwhelmed by veracity, and I can't focus much on anything, and nothing seem real to me. I hold waves of trueness, too, but it slips away. I find myself forgetting things on a regular basis and I'm not sure if it's recovering or worse. Am I just thinking too much? Or should I seize professional psychiatric help? I'm a 16 year antediluvian male. No one around me seem to notice anything different just about me, and I'm doing all physical events fine. Just the mental ones, such as chess or something else seem to be worse. I used to be/still am devoted compulsive about definite things such as actions I chose to rob. Things seem foreign to me immediately, like I'm living outside my body. Will I basically have to cope next to this and get through it? Psychiatric support? Thanks alot

It seems to me that you're thinking closely and have abundantly on your mind. You seem to be dwelling on philosophical aspects of your "being" and may be freshly going through a phase of "awareness" (if that makes any sense). I hold had like sort of experience and am sure many others enjoy as well. I assume you're just seeing things from a different perspective and it seems strange to you. You'll be fine. Hehe, simply don't dwell on your own thoughts too long or you might just lose touch beside the outside world. I wish you all right.
There are a few things to do when things don't seem TRUE to you. You should touch things ... this will make them appear more real ... this would also work near people by shaking their hand or giving them hugs when appropriate.

Another thing that help things become more real to you is to embezzle a walk. It's almost shockingly simple, but it works.
yep! nutty as a fruitcake... be in motion to therapy prompt!...seriously.
stop it
Since your 16, your probally in lofty school, and I HOPE your not doing any drugs. BUT anyway, I assume your probally thinking too much. Your mind can make you consistency crazy and not normal at times, you a short time ago got to contemplate positive. If you feel approaching your truly going "Insane" go and acquire Psychiatric help. Keep your mind busy, I sense if im home or not doing much I think in the region of crazy things because im so bored. You just get to keep busy, but if your mind cant be controlled by YOU next I would get some abet. Then maybe you will be put on A medication to oblige you. You will be fine though either instrument. Everyone has problems whether mentally or physically. So dont discern ashamed about what your going through. Good luck :)
It have nothing to do beside weed. Unless you use it daily for months or something and you don't. I reason it could help to step talk to your doctor in the region of it. It's not all that unusual at your age to be aware of a little chance sometimes but if you feel resembling reality isn't "real" it may back to talk to a counselor. They can abet you understand what's going on.

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