Anger mgmt. ? If someone have sporadic fits of rage( 3-4 months ) does the raison d`¨ētre issue, or with the sole purpose the solution?

My GF has interrupted and severe outbursts of rage over no or minimal provocation.
We enjoy discussed it trying to determine the cause, I.E. unresolved olden issues," bottle necking" or is she actually freshly angry at me ( which btw does not seem to be the case)
He councelor have told her the " Why" does not matter, simply being competent to manage the anger and out bursts is major.
Seems to me the "why" should be important too.

In direct to understand how to solve this problem, you really entail to figure out why this occur. It may appear unprovoked, but even the smallest little thing (possibly even unknown to her) can trigger these outbursts. Her and her counselor necessitate to focus more on the "why." If he says that this isn't central, he is doing a lousy job, and I would consider finding a different doctor. When you find why this is happening, you will better know how to control it.

Best of luck to you and your girlfriend!
Has she seen a medical doctor? Her intensity could be hormonal or could be linked to something close to depression. She need to exercise also. Daily exercise releases chemicals close to seritonin that make you quality good. My doctor prescribed on a daily basis exercise to battle my depression. It does give a hand!
I say the why is considerable but sometimes you can not always control the why but you can control the solution. They hold a drug to calm general public down for that and anger management is best. If you can invalidate out some of the why that would more helpful.
Untrue the why matter greatly. If undealt with it will snowball extensive. No medications can cure the why they merely mask the issues whilst they work. Its frozen work and can be very frightening to operate with whys but its the best and most positive solution their is. Get another councelor.
According to the psychologists I hold heard, anger is a key emotion and you enjoy not much hope of preventing it from arising in you; you are born beside basic emotion; you have internalized childhood instruction so that it is subconscious. The do is therefor somewhat innate. It is not very susceptible to your will. Therefor it is not concentrated on contained by therapy. You can however cram to control WHAT YOU DO ABOUT your anger..

If you dwell on a feeling of anger and its raison d`¨ētre, nurse it and let it grow inwardly you then THAT IS AMENABLE TO CONTROL by your conscious will. You can other will yourself to walk away from the source and/or stop dwelling on it and thinking in the region of it, just by honestly forgiving and forgetting.

I'm a psychological layman but I hope this help; it has help me, good luck, upright health, peace and love!
If you are drowning contained by the water, does it concern why the ship sank? See on page 4: anger management: print/refer her.

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