How masses year can a junkie stay on metadon and how can he bring back out of this 'treatment'?

I know a person who is a drug addicted and lately he is be using metadon to substitute drugs. He wants to know how much more time he can use it as a substitute and how much does a rehab facility costs within europe, or usa. Please help

A drug addicted heroin abuser drinks methadone to alleviate the sickness atmosphere a person get from withdrawal.
A "junkie" can stay on meth. for as long as they want to. I know citizens who have be on it for over 35 years now. It's the most difficult treatment to gain off of and that's why so tons ppl. stay on it for soo long usually.
They have outpatient services called Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs MMTP adjectives over New York City in adjectives 5 boros. In England, they don't use methadone to get rotten of heroin. They use heroin to get stale of heroin at drug stores they administer it with a nozzle (syringe) for the "junkie".
So, your friend can use methadone for a long time to come in the United States. After a while, it's no longer a substitute, but it become a drug in of itself, since heroin after gets out of the picture altogether. In New York the drug programs adopt medicaid as full payment and others that aren't privately owned, move about on a sliding scale payment for deciding on how much a individual pays each month. I know that surrounded by some other parts of the USA, as well as privately owned methadone pgs. can run you anywhere from $30 a hours of daylight and up. A friend of mine in NY pays $22 a month at a city run out-patient program. I enjoy no idea if the meth. treatment is considered as socialized pills in Europe, whereby it would next be for free, no charge.
Spend a couple days puking and heaving your guts up then, if you survive that... shift on with your conventional life. You've get to control the Drugs. Don't let them control you! Rehab is a Scam. They kind money off of your problem. Don't fashion them rich, and keep the problem. Get rid of the problem. Grow up and stop. There's much better things ahead for you.

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