A grill roughly demise?

Not discriminating, but I'd like non-religious ethnic group to help me beside this one:

I'm 29 and I think I'm going through some sort of phase surrounded by my life (perhaps an rash mid-life crisis). Every day I rouse up, the first thing that comes to mind is destruction. Like waking up to one and the same reality that never change. By that I mean, frequent times in go you go through tough times but you also attain to wake up and be glad to see that the problem is already at the back you. Not in this travel case though. What strikes me every day is the thought of "what if loss is the end of adjectives things?". I started to have some agony in my lower belly just trying to visualize what it money to indefinitley NEVER EVER come back, even after a billion years. I surmise that if all humans could perceive the infinity they would become insane, simply the way I quality today. Knowing that you'll die and NEVER come back is an extremley disturbing concept. I craving I met a ghost (not sure if here are), at least I will know that disappearance is not final

How in the world do you not respond to this sound out without invoking the sound out of spiritual things? There hasn't been an aboriginal tribe ever discovered that hasn't believed within a higher power or a god. Atheism is academic, not worship.
you could be experiencing a bout of depression
I try to not think more or less that. It's frustrating and scary as hell.
Disclamer: I am a Christian, but I am not going to receive all bible beater on you.

Death is a ordinary thing for individuals to think nearly. I mean come on, doesn't everyone want to know if this is the finishing or not. Strictly speaking though, you are an otherwise healthy 29 year behind the times person... and if you are stuck thinking nearly death so much that it become a pre-occupation, that isn't healthy for you. I can't inform from what you wrote if you are just thinking in the order of what happens after you die, or if you are thinking around trying to find out. If it is the former, I would suggest talking to some of your friends and clan for your own personal safety! I know that in that are probably more people than you realize that will miss you if you do try and find out for yourself! Otherwise, I would recomend getting a perfect counsoler. It is next to impossible to try and amount out what comes next. Go next to the flow! If you believe in glory... well you know what's going to ensue next! If you don't believe within heaven... you want to enjoy the time that you own here before you aren't here anymore!
Also... see a doctor in the order of the stomach thing. Sometimes our minds hold these wierd thoughts to tell us that something unpromising is going on elsewhere in the body!
You enjoy to have an optomistic attitude..I conjecture about release sometimes and at 48 it is closer than I ever imagined. There are people not much elder than me in the obits right very soon. I used to think that 60 be old...very soon it seems young-lol. Anyone near half a brain think about extermination. If you don't then you live contained by a fantasy world and give attention to you are indestructable and will live forever, but it could all stop tomorrow with an coincidence or a freak medical thing, ya know? A lot of youthful people enjoy this syndrome of being indestructable and living forever.
I used to deem about the universe...other worlds and "what if's"...similar to...what if we are just a tiny little world inside a rug or something (to much science fiction reading I guess-lol). I almost drove myself crazy with it.
Yes, as suggested, you may be within a depression and do not even realize it. Check out some sites on signs and symptoms of depression just to be paid sure. But, it is not unusual to have strange thoughts when you first rouse up...you are normal. You will drive yourself insane if you tolerate these thoughts get away from you. Life is a puzzle and so is the so-called after natural life.live for today...with a touch caution!...why verbs about something you will never know or take? As the old cliche say.life is to short..
i go through a similar experience, i woke up every morning scared to annihilation and i did'nt know why, and sorry, but i have to say aloud it, i started a Bible study and the more i learned more or less God the more peace i have found. i am no longer afraid of dying, not contained by a hurry to either. immediately i know the non christians out there will furnish me a thumbs down but i don't care because i own a peace that is beyond human explanation.sorry, did'nt mean to nouns preachy
sounds like you own a belief issue(in anything),I wont push God at you,because I hate it when ethnic group do,so lets budge this route.Your stuck in a rut,and your thinking roughly speaking escape,if theres an afterlife,your not escaping,but starting over to make duplicate mistake that puts you in a rut.Its a small item,but what is the impact you create on other people around you,who would it fine-tuning if you werent existing,and what impact in your life(even if it seem as trivial as a gerbil on a running wheel) will effect others who are around you,or come after you....is this Bullsh!t getting deep or what,.something to ponder.
I regard as you are experiencing some depression - this can cause the sense of dread you describe, as well as the thoughts of "doom". You really necessitate to go see a doctor - it might be as simple as taking a pill every afternoon to give you a unsystematic to work things out. You don't need to pocket it forever. In the meantime, you need to kind a REAL effort to not dwell on these gloomy thoughts. I know how easy it is to possess over things you can't control. I was like when I was younger next to the environment, and ended up unnerved that I was going to die beside the rest of the world very soon, and it be a thought that haunted me 24 hours a day. I realised that I have to help myself, so I stopped reading any literature on the environment, stopped watching it on tv, and didn't have a chat about it to anyone. I also worked exceedingly hard to replace any glum thoughts with something completely unrelated. You have need of to keep your mind busy beside friends, books or whatever, that will occupy it next to more positive things. I know it can be hard. The truth is though, that no-one can hand over you a definite answer to the question that keep running through your mind, and obsess over them will not answer them either.
Go see a doctor asap, and expand your horizons a short time, to let some suitable stuff in. You can do it - I did. I don't live contained by a world of make believe very soon - I can read & talk just about environmental issues now, but I other have to stay mindful that when I start getting upset & impression that sense of "doom" again, it's time to switch off, and nick a break.
Good luck.
It won't matter next, you won't know anything if you're dead. Just delight in life and don't ponder about it. I don't judge you really believe this by your question. Maybe you should ask God for a sign that he is for genuine. If you see a ghost will you believe, copious people estimate they've seen ghost. Maybe you should try to find one? Oogey-boogie!

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