Am i crazy?

I feel as though i hold stuffed everything up here at home and cannot change it as i cannot appropriate back the later 6 months, I'm absolutely loathe myself, i have booked a flight to manchester for three weeks, i am a pitiable person here but i used to be extremely talented, i'm 23 do you think i am crazy to depart everything and go?

No, you might be asking yourself if your crazy to stay!
Crazy is insane. If you be insane, you would be too crazy to ask this. You need to revise just how incredible you really are regardless of your historic. Read short article on site below so you can be happy next to more self-esteem.
i can say that i know exactly how you discern.

I suggest talking to a psychiatrist and possibly a therapist. If you can afford the trip and it won't negatively impact your adjectives, like through a loss of available job, then jump and enjoy yourself.
No I don't reason you're crazy. But it looks like you do involve time away from it all.

Use the three weeks to relax, pick yourself up and plan out what you need to do to modernize your situation back home. Make those three week within Manchester a productive retreat.

Otherwise you'll return home to the same older things, regretting you returned and wishing you run away again for another 3 weeks.
Always look in front of u never look spinal column learn from your mistakes and verbs.
Run Forrest Run

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