I am too depressed to do anything?

I was diagnosed next to depression a while ago. I am also bipoloar and suffer from social anxiety. Although I am getting better mentally, I am worse physically. I am currently taking 300mg of wellbutrin and 30 mg of lexapro.

I am roughly "happy" but I don't take watchfulness of myself at all. I brush my teeth once a month, shower 1 or 2 times a week and once in a while even get dressed.All I do is put away, watch small screen and go online. I'm supposed to be working from home since I can't hold a job outside the house and am currently enrol in a state arts school. I am too afraid to see my academic advisor and I havn't signed up for classes so I don't know if I will even be capable of go contained by the fall. I havn't worked within three weeks. Luckily I have a boyfriend who loves and supports me and take care of me.

I dont know what to do. I finally found drug that makes me consistency better but its like very soon I dont care going on for anything at all. Please back me

I am right alongside of you. Its wonderful your boyfriend is so supportive. Neglecting personal hygiene is a symptom of depression. Have you talked to your Pdoc almost perhaps increasing your dosage of drug? I'm sure you have wonderful communication beside your boyfriend. However, I found it extremely helpful to enjoy a therapist involved near my treatment.

Good luck and take keeping of you,
ok heres what you need to do i feel the same instrument you did you need to progress and get a go beyond to your gym like a strong views thing and in recent times go and run and hoist weights make your ipod your best friend and your problems will sink away and try to hang on to your mind off of the things that produce you depressed or do your to do list and you can put in the picture your boyfriend to help you out by play warfare with you or something along those lines
clutch care
you presently what i have like peas in a pod thing buy YOU are the solitary one who can change it i did,look i used to be on st john wort tribulations twice a day public notice im only 12 my mom looked-for to send my to a mentally sick institution, but i fighted it and i went top my dad and said i wont to live beside you and after that day my mum get so angry she locked me in a room by myself (in winter plus air-conditioning) i cryed and cyred and cyred and i open up the door and i said mom your a stupid biatch i shouldn't be here im a good personality and becuase of YOU i'am depressed and the next time i ran to the organization and said what had happend and i get to live with me dad.i 'am still suffering from but YOU have need of to look on the bright side and go outside to the park and draw from some motivation because you have to mov-move-move to catch inda normall groove!!
ask your doctor if he could give or would recommend ritalin along next to your anti depressants . it will help take you going .
My case is different even so similar. I was diagnosed next to depression about 15 years ago. I took prozac and some sleeping pills. I also didnt pilfer care of myself at adjectives. The year went by and i feel nothing primarily a feeling of numbness.

My nearest and dearest was highly supportive but the thing that really turned my time around was a book call, The Game of Life and how to play it by Florence Scovel Shinn. I strongly recommend it to you and everyone.

I stopped taking medication and told my psychiatrist that i will heal myself short medication from thereon and i did. Keep in mind that i continued to see my psychiatrist regularly but minus the medication. Now, i continue to read such books and practice positive thinking almost adjectives of the time. It has worked miracles within my life.

I am not suggesting you come stale the meds because, i did this but it was ONLY medication for the depression. Nevertheless, do read the book you own nothing to lose.

Its be 15 years and here i am :)

It will take time and wont other be easy but "This too shall go past."

Good Luck
Maybe now that you are on meds that aid you might start to have some things you perfectionism about doing be of interest to you once again. Im contained by the same vote as you contained by not caring something like doing anything because of my depression. So I know how tough it can be and is right now for you. Hang contained by there conceivably your meds will let you do stuff you once care about doing again.

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