I own social anxiety, can I bring back SSI?

I graduated from giant school within 05 and got permitted to go to Temple University the following crash down, but I backed out because I feel I wasn't ready.

I have a job during university that lasted simply 2 weeks and I had to quit because I a moment ago couldn't get used to it. I have a job contained by summer 06 for about 3 months but quit because I couldn't feel working and going to school (I have applied for a community college).

A week later I dropped out of community college because I purely couldn't take the pressure. I have a job for a month final March at a post office until I couldn't stand man there anymore.

I own been seeing multiple counselors and psychiatrists and enjoy been diagnosed at have social phobia and am currently taking a single course at the same community college, but consistency like quitting that very soon as well. I am seeking work but have chock-full out some applications.

I've been trying so not easy to overcome this but it always ends up response hopeless. Thanks for any advice.

To answer your press, NO, you can't draw social security for have social anxiety. However, you can go on welfare, I suppose. Same difference, it adjectives comes out of the taxpayer's pocket to support people who can't or won't function surrounded by society.
Attempt to walk through your fears. By this I would suggest to verbs to see the medical professionals you have be seeing plus take on phobia at a time.

Lets read out your afraid of going to class. Keep going to class until you become comfortable with it next move on to your subsequent fear. One celebrated note is once you own overcome your fear, keep hold of taking part contained by the activity you have feared.

Today I have a TV interview. Freaked me out. I did it anyway. When my friends asked me how I felt going on for it, I said, "I was freaked out, but I be aware of alive now. My heart is going a hundred miles an hour.' I first did something fearsome to me, then I be also honest about my vibrations.

Now I want to do it again and get comfortable next to it. I am not saying to step into something so hard such as public speaking as your first move, only just take small steps. I will explain to you that I used to be afraid to go out my front door. I look stern and wonder how I got that course. then I remember, I slowly started to isolate stale from the world and finally I got some assistance.
You would need to qualify for SSI by getting affidavits signed by numerous doctors...that state your condition make you unable to work.it take a lot of time...and if you hold not been diagnosed near anything then no distinctly not. You have to prove beyond a doubt that you cannot work and hold it backed up by doctors...
You nouns like an intelligent personage. Sounds like you put profoundly of pressure on yourself. I would suggest that you continue next to the professional help you are getting. You didn't mention if you be on any medication for the problem. There are some that might help next to the anxiety. Also, there are out merciful programs, socialization programs-programs that enable you to be within a supportive environment and structuring you time. You might be able to take a job coach who can comfort you with "on the job" problems. Volunteer work might lend a hand you deal next to "working" without the pressure. Taking an On-line class or a correspondance course could work. Don't pound yourself up for not overcoming this. This didn't happen over hours of darkness and your ability to cope near it, won't come over night. Commend yourself for continuing to do what you can to oblige yourself over come this problem. You didn't learn to saunter without falling down sometimes, but respectively time, you picked yourself up until you finally were competent to BALANCE, and you walked. Don't hand over up trying. Not knowing your financial situation, working may be what you have to do. I suggest working at what you savour or working in something outside, at a nursery, landscape, etc. You might qualify for SSI, but the amount will not be much to live on.. An "independent living" situation or a board/care may be your only route. Do all the you can to sustain yourself to take one step at a time and adopt the help of those who can relieve you. Do not isolate as this will only compound the problem. Go for walk, get exercise, some sunshine and fresh nouns on a daily reason. Create as much routine for yourself as you can. Good luck and be patient next to yourself.
well i hold that aswell but now its get so bad i cant step out on my own or talk to strangers, i should never own given up on myself , i worked and quit and worked and quit so many times and i never stuck to it, the longer i be out of work the worse it got and presently years on this is how it is, so it sounds to me like you are not giving up on yourself and thats great, please dont confer up, keep working or college etc because if you dont it will just get worse, xx

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