Has anyone experience beside Oxycontin and heroin?

Is OxyContin the same premonition as Heroin?

yes, my friend Haley did, unfortunately it took her life span.

she tried them both.
No, heroin is a stronger, and much more addicting drug than oxycontin. Since heroin has much stronger and sometimes more compelling effects.
no...JUST TOOK VICODIN after i have sciatica...very sensitive...and it took some of the pain away..thank God for perscription drugs.
They are supposed to be somewhat similar (Oxycontin is prearranged colloquially as 'Hillbilly Heroin'), but yes, heroin is stronger generally. They are both greatly incapacitating and addictive- don't experiment beside either one. People can ending up strung out and desperate enough to commit crimes contained by order to land either drug. I know a heroin addict once, and he be a sad, shameful, and thin individual who cared nearly nothing contained by life but his subsequent fix.
I have personal experiece beside Oxycontin, but not with Heroin. I can inform you that the feeling I win from Oxycontin won't be the same outlook you get. Everyone is different and everyone feel things differently. It all depends on how your body react to the drug you put in it. One item I know for sure that is like peas in a pod for each and every entity that uses these drugs is that they are dangerous, devastating, and mortal. Don't be fooled by anyone that tells you different. Oxycontin is a wonder drug for associates that actually inevitability it, but for people who use it to procure high, remember it kill more than heroin and cocaine combined. Whatever your intentions, be prepared for the consequences of your actions.
Stay away from both, drugs will eventually leave your job you with zilch but addiction.
Hell no stick with weed and Thizz. Put a pill within your life!!
You are treading on unsafe waters. They are both deadly. I would undeniably hope that you are not considering trying Oxycontin to obtain the elevated that junkies get. You could massively easily become addicted and ruin your go.
Why are youasking this question? Not unless you are curious and required to try right? All drugs and stimulants are never ever good for you. So my recommend is don't try it, don't even think going on for it. If you want to stay alive and not loose you life, friends, kith and kin, love ones,girl friend,etc, then don't touch it.
Even if it's a medication, abstain from it, it will do you profusely of good.

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