Dont know what course to choose. what is the best course physical psychiatric help, accounting, computer eng. state why

The three fields you mentioned are pretty diverse, but strong math skills are required surrounded by all of them. I dream up a strong back- ground in kinesiology and anatomy, physiology (especially exercise physiology) would stand you surrounded by good stead for physical psychiatric therapy.

If you have a conditions in mental condition, (thought I read that you did), a goal might be (for physical psychoanalysis, anyway) to try sports psychology.
Your need to answer this give somebody the third degree yourself. People can offer you suggestion all daytime but the decision wants to be yours, what do you like to do and why. Do some inner-work to find your motivators. Lastly don't agree to money influence you, you need to approaching what you do. I worked for the money for years and wasn't happy till I did what I enjoy.

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