Anybody ever taken Gabapentin for Bipolar or anxiety?

I talked to my doc today and he changed my med to gabapentin to try to restful my anxiety down has anybody be on this medication and how did you or are you doing?

Hi There,

I do not have any personal experience next to Gabapentin, or specific knowledge of its worth related specifically to anxiety. Although (according to the medical professionals), it is a highly rate "add-on" medication for co-morbid panic disorder. But near regard to anxiety related to bipolar, it is more credible to be used as an add-on for treatment-resistant bipolar. Moreover, it ranks relatively poorly as an alternative (but preferred over Topamax).

As next to any medicine, individual results may alter. I wish you great results next to Gabapentin!
I have be taking Neurontin (gabapentin) for severe anxiety. It is extremely helpful, little to no side effects, and not addicting.

Good luck and thieve care of you!


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