Help me!im depressed and i discern close to massacre myself ,whats some well-mannered guidance?

im one understand my dark bygone and everyone i ever need other ends up leavin me all alone..i obligation love and help...i dont wanna live no more

Answers:    Thank you for reaching out to us.
Please preserve reaching out and either turn to the ER if you are not feeling secure or if you feel similar to you can hang on, kind an appointment to see a psychiatrist and/or therapist.
Many empire have a misty past that may still perceive pretty present.
If you have regular analysis appointments, you will feel close to you have some support. It is awful to surface so alone and depressed. Please take assistance of yourself. Please hang within there near the rest of us. Best Wishes
IF this is a serious question, what u want to do is go to a doctor/ psychiatrist imeadiatly!! If u hold this overwhelming urge to do it you need to call upon 911 ASAP! tHEY WILL PICK U UP AND HELP YOU. They will not throw u in some cell nil like that, so no worries. Plz don't slay yourself. It sounds liek u really are depressed, i have gone through depression and i still do but i love myself and am building or a tiniest trying to build up the courage and talk to someone myself. Plz gain some help soon, lend a hand is waiting!
Don't put this on hold, its very historic and u will overcome this!! Is your da a drunk?? He could go to detention centre and get counseling. BUt if u don't want that draw from help for u and anybody else surrounded by your house thats being abused and/or physically and out loud! Don't put this on hold anymore..okay?

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